SASE 2019

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryPlatformRunnerDonation Incentive(s)
Beat the Game PC GreenSnowDog
All Castles Wii U Lachurs
NSMBU Any% Switch Lachurs
Any% No OoB PC Tasselfoot
Any% PC GreenSnowDog
Any% No OoB (Newcomer) PC TheGreatToddMan
101% SNES LinkaMeister
Any% PC DoubleDubbel
Any% PC LeftSideWorldwide
Any% Warpless 3DS Siver Save Luigi
70 Star N64 SuperViperT302
Saturday, April 06, 2019
Any% Wii VC GreenSnowDog
Any% 3DS Siver
Puzzle Normal GCN DoubleDubbel
Any% Switch GreenSnowDog
All Cups 150cc (Skips) N64 SuperViperT302 Character Bidwar: Yohis vs Peach vs Toad
Any%+ Wii U VC ViolinGamer
Sonic's Story GBA CountGooby
Any% No OoB GCN Cmdr
Any% Wii SuperViperT302 The Perfect Run
Any% Glitchless PC Thebestaro
Sunday, April 07, 2019
Any% GCN Nandii
Any% Wii MyOhMyke Watch Cutscenes
All Training Plus Games Wii CountGooby
Golf: 9 Holes Wii GamingLand
Golf: 18 Holes Wii Sir_Tyler
Any% (PS4) PS4 Xerrys
Any% PC SkipMcLazy
Any% PC Mrlink2k
Story Mode Easy SNES CountGooby Watch in-game cutscenes
Any% Wii SuperViperT302
Full Game % PC Thebestaro
100% N64 TanyaVsTheWorld
Monday, April 08, 2019
Sonic Any% PC JasperTheFish Soundtrack Bidwar: US vs JP
Any% PC JasperTheFish
Any% GCN DoubleDubbel
Any% PS1 ViolinGamer
Any% GCN LinkaMeister Clothing Bidwar: Denim vs Swimsuit

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