Sonic and the Parallel Worlds

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Start TimeEstimateRunner(s)GameCategoryConsoleHost
Hibnotix Good Morning! Ready for awesome speedruns? Sure you are! Hibnotix
huds601 & Argick Sonic Triple Trouble (16-Bit) Sonic & Tails - Beat the Game (Glitched) PC Hibnotix
RPG_HiddenWizard Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Angel Island Tour Any% Maimy PC Hibnotix
flyingfox & animach1ne Sonic 1 Forever Beat the Game - Amy PC Hibnotix
dowolf Snolf CD: A Snolf in Time Any% - No Coordinator Warp PC Hibnotix
NachoTheAdventurer Chao Resort Island All Races (One Type) PC Hibnotix
sauloandrade_ Sonic the Hedgehog Beat the Game Commodore 64 Hibnotix
stelmo98 Sonic Project 06 Sonic & Shadow's Stories PC Hibnotix
valeriaasteria Sonic GT Mighty Story Mode - No Skips PC Amber Cyprian
thegreenviper8 Sonic Chrono Adventure Any% PC Amber Cyprian
kor_sonic3 Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited Solo Sonic - All Emeralds (Glitchless) PC Amber Cyprian
Katie4 Sonic Adventure Blast Arcade Mode PC Amber Cyprian
MetroidCrime Sonic Mania Hang Glider% - Amy PC Amber Cyprian
Sunday, May 07, 2023
Hibnotix Good Morning Again! Ready for day 2? I'll bet you are! Hibnotix
dowolf Snolf Any% - No Coordinate Warp Sega Genesis Hibnotix
ClovCG Sonic 3: AIR - DA Garden Edition Knuckles & Tails - All Emeralds (Hard Mode) PC Hibnotix
RPG_HiddenWizard Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Sonic 2006 Any% - Amy Rose PC Hibnotix
shovelclaws Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart 32 Track Showcase PC Hibnotix
Rh0min Sonic and the Fallen Star Sonic - Beat the Game (Glitched) PC Hibnotix
huds601 Sonic 3D in 2D Sonic - All Emeralds PC Amber Cyprian
cowboyknuckles Sonic the Hedgehog SMS Remake Knuckles, Remake Mode PC Amber Cyprian
flyingfox & NachoTheAdventurer Sonic 2 Absolute Tails Beat The Game PC Amber Cyprian
NachoTheAdventurer Somari 3D Blast 5 Beat the Game PC Amber Cyprian
mirby_studios Big's Big World 100% PC Amber Cyprian
huds601 Sonic Classic Trilogy Boss Rush Shuffler Sega Genesis Amber Cyprian

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