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Fudgecow All Endings
Cimp Any%
call_me_zeroo Any% No Save Corruption
Simoteus All Main Missions race
Ahady vs. danflesh111 vs. catalystz vs. GanDrake All Bosses race
ivhen_ vs. kcsmurf vs. dplanet36 BL4 All Bosses race
Saturday, November 10, 2018
zazztrain Lord of the Rings
spacey1_ vs. Cimp vs. Horst All Bosses race
NaxHPL Any%
Miltent All Bosses
RegoleSlayer Any% No Wrong Warp
23edsa Any% with Flamesprayer
Kanaris [A]ny% (Normal)
Santzo84 Any%
masterr876 vs. Miltrivd Item + Moveset Randomizer race
KarmikKoala Any% No Major Glitches
cbRoFL All Bosses race
Wolfe87 vs. Mr_Brood vs. Fordey Any% Current Patch race
Sunday, November 11, 2018
CmdrYT Boss - Crocodillian
Darkfox36 Any%
Stennis vs. Noobest Reverse Boss Order race
Cimp Any%
2RED2Game vs. not_typwo Least Bosses race
Distortion2 All Achievements
danflesh111 PVP Any%
Kahmul78 100%
kcsmurf, ivhen, Danflesh111, PrepayingDeath, COLtrane vs. cbrofl, cimp, masterr876, EnsgMaster, spacey All Bosses it's a relay

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