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This is the schedule for Striking Cancer Out which will be held on January 27th - January 29th, 2023.
The marathon starts at 10:00 a.m. MST and ends each day just around 11:00 p.m. MST.

All donations from the marathon will be benefiting the Stollery Children's Hospital here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
The Stollery is a full-service pediatric hospital providing complex surgeries and advanced care to sick children since 2001.

Donation Link:

Thank you very much to all the speedrunners who joined this time around!

Kat & I looking forward to hosting another great event this January. :)

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All dates and times are given in America/Edmonton timezone (UTC-07:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% NES ScarFaceNico ScarFaceNico Let's go, Nico! Thank you for kickstarting our charity marathon. :) ✔️
Any% NES ScarFaceNico junkyard_dave First time Batman hasn't been run by me in a marathon I setup. :) I look forward to passing the torch to ScarFaceNico to show me how it's done. ✔️
Any Sega Genesis drex23 drex23 This legitimately might be one of the most underrated submissions this marathon. Extremely obscure speedrun and drex23 has amazing commentary to explain everything. ✔️
Any% NES regularstormy dnk_cafe Another very obscure (puzzle game) that's pretty cool. :) ✔️
Best Ending NES Ryan_Ford522 Ryan_Ford522 One of the best, most technical execution-heavy NES runs. Gimmick's power ups drop based on score, too, which adds another hard execution element. ✔️
Any% (No Text Mod) SNES Ryan_Ford522 Ryan_Ford522 Super Mario RPG is one of my favourite runs. Absolutely love it, and this category removes all the text mashing/text - which is almost a 50 minute difference! ✔️
Any% - Easy SNES Chill_Dragoon SeasonalBard Pocky & Rocky is pretty obscure. I'm a fan of obscure, so I hope you enjoy this game. It's a sleeper from Taito/Natsume. ✔️
Any% SNES LinkaMeister LinkaMeister Gods is another pretty obscure speedrun & video game. ✔️
Any% (No Black Thunder Skip) DOS StoneMonkeyResearch HowDoUPlayLive StoneMonkeyResearch's first(?) marathon! Speaking of obscure, Spider-Man on DOS. Did you know that ever existed? ✔️
Any% Nintendo Switch Shauny7188 Shauny7188 & DeByrdman Mega Man 9/10 are grossly underrated as speedruns. ✔️
Any% NES DeByrdman Shauny7188 & DeByrdman Fun fact: DeByrdman held the record for this game for like a week. xD And then a week later the old record holder came back and bopped him. ✔️
Any% Hard SNES JustJohnny420 JustJohnny420 Surprisingly difficult game made easy by a surprisingly difficult person. ✔️
Win A Single Game% NES DrMooCowz DrMooCowz I might be the only person in the world who has never played Tecmo Super Bowl as either a kid growing up, or as an adult. ✔️
Any% Glitchless Game Boy Chromagram Chromagram Looking forward to this one! Pokemon Trading Card Game was way ahead of its time on Game Boy. ✔️
Any% Famicom GarrettCRW GarrettCRW GarrettCRW's first speedrun/marathon! ✔️
8 Bit, No Out Of Bounds PC KuningasEST kyleberry_sr Do any games involving ninjas make for a bad speedrun? ✔️
100% No WW/OOB Game Boy Colour Dancarnate Dancarnate Link's Awakening DX has very cool speedrun movement for a GBC game. ✔️
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌
Any% NES bugdr bugdr & ZeroCounts bugdr is a god at StarTropics. ✔️
Any% NES bugdr bugdr & ZeroCounts bugdr is also a god at StarTropics II. bugdr is a double god. ✔️
Co-op (Clearing 150 Lines) Nintendo Wii TeamMayh3m TeamMayh3m I've never seen this before. Looked really cool and I love the idea of co-op Tetris of all games. ✔️
100% All Keys NES Moneymerks EunosXX & Lite_NING Amazingly, this is the first time I've ever had a NES Zelda game submitted to one of our marathons. ✔️
Showcase NES Apollo22237 Apollo22237 Apollo22237 will try to beat 21 short NES games in a row in an hour or less. Very cool and unique showcase. xD ✔️
Any% SNES noisepolice noisepolice Did you know noisepolice knocked out Glass Joe in Mike-Tyson's Punch-out!! with a trombone? For real he did. Check it out here. It's amazing. :D ✔️
Any% - Co-op SNES 09419018 & Fred__ Kat_Kunoichi & junkyard_dave Goof Troop co-op is honestly probably one of the best speedruns Kat & I ever learned. Super excited to have this one in! Good luck 09419018 & Fred__! ✔️
Any% NES ScarFaceNico vs thebagler5 EvryTimeWeSlay Race block. Very speedy movement in this game. Seems like the framerate is like 900%. Apparently Darth Vader is a jerk. ✔️
Japan - Easy% NES overlycriticalgamers vs nolekins2005 overlycriticalgamers & nolekins2005 Race block. Apparently all of Double Dragon II is a jerk. ✔️
Any% NES Chill_Dragoon vs SeasonalBard SeasonalBard Race block. Looking forward to this race! Little Samson is a sleeper for speedruns. ✔️
Any% NES TheJoeyMittens vs burst_error DrMooCowz Race block. Monster Party is all kinds of RNG. Good luck to everyone racing. xD ✔️
All WRs NES burst_error vs drmoocowz burst_error & DrMooCowz Race block. I've never seen Caveman Games, but if burst_error & DrMooCowz both like it, it must be good. ✔️
Any% PC LewDawn LewDawn Curse Crackers is an amazing indie GBC-esque inspired game with some extremely slick speedrun movement. ✔️
Any% - Toad NES kusomushi_buxter kusomushi_buxter kusomushi_buxter's old time in Batman (11:06) was one of the first "hard" times for me to beat. Honoured he's joining us from Japan. Good luck, Kuso! ✔️
Any% NES TheJoeyMittens TheJoeyMittens I actually had Rollergames as a kid and no one knew what the hell it was. Same with Bucky O'Hare, and Monsters in My Pocket. 2/3 of those games were submitted to this marathon! ✔️
Any% Easy Sega Genesis cajink87 cajink87 cajink87 said she could do the stage 1 skip 500/500 times in a row and promised everyone watching she would nail it first try. ✔️
Turbografix-16 Any% EpicNeonNinjaMonkey vs LattMackey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey & LattMackey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey & LattMackey have a great rivalry and share a lot of speedruns with each other. It would be cool to see them all in a row one day. ✔️
Turbografix-16 Any% EpicNeonNinjaMonkey vs LattMackey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey & LattMackey Did you know? LattMackey has a speedrunning-centric podcast that I listen to now and again. ✔️
Any% SNES Ryan_Ford522 Ryan_Ford522 More complex than pressing Y, bro. ✔️
Easy Sega Genesis ZeroCounts ZeroCounts & bugdr I find it extremely comical two Animaniacs games were submitted to this marathon. ✔️
Any% SNES AbsoluteKaty AbsoluteKaty I put them back to back as they're both actually very different games from each other. Neat, huh? ✔️
Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Spica's Story Dreamcast sharfers sharfers Japanese game block. Cool Cool Toon is like a Japanese PaRappa the Rapper. ✔️
Any% PS2 Garlips Garlips BACKUP RUN 🚑 ✔️
Any% SNES overlycriticalgamers overlycriticalgamers Japanese game block. Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubou! is like a Japanese Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubou! ✔️
Any% - Hard SNES DeByrdman DeByrdman Japanese game block. Yokai Buster Ruka no Daibouken is a better re-skinned version of The Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet Pirates. ✔️
Any% PC GhostKumo GhostKumo Almost Japanese game block. GhostKumo falls into my group of S tier god commentators. ✔️
100% SNES highflyer28 Giocci Mega Man X is an execution-based run full of a lot of hard tricks to execute. Looking forward to this! You don't see 100% run as much as Any%. ✔️
All Levels NES TheHaxor Mitchflowerpower "Yo like, Dave is gonna get me banned from like, life, and I ain't even do anything wrong." ✔️
Any% PS2 Garlips Garlips Garlips was a great host (donation reader) during another big event I setup and organized. Good luck! I don't know Wacky Races: Mad Motors very well. ✔️
Any% NES Bassguy4 Bassguy4 I also don't know Faxanadu almost at all. I paired them back-to-back for this reason. ✔️
Demo% PC DanTheVP DanTheVP Same with BatBoy - never seen this one and look forward to these 3 in a row. I really appreciate the baseball-related submission. ✔️
Any% Game Boy Advance Prince_Leaf Prince_Leaf +1 more game I've never seen or heard of before. Looking forward to seeing it. ✔️
All Stages SNES EpicNeonNinjaMonkey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey Just press Y bro. ✔️
NES Normal Warpless MeurigVII junkyard_dave MeurigPlays's first speedrun marathon! Showcasing Bucky O'Hare to boot. Good luck on your first ever marathon run!
Nintendo DS Beat RotK Mr_Shasta Mr_Shasta Dunno what's more consistent for having good speedruns in a franchise, Kirby or Mega Man. ✔️
No Napalm SNES regularstormy Slormer Same with Cybernator. I don't know a whole lot about this run either. Tried to accept a chunk of runs that I've never seen or were unfamiliar with! ✔️
Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌
Monday, January 30, 2023
Table Mountain RTA SNES rot_ta Yogidamonk Tech issues, couldn't run.
Any% - Hard NES SlurpeeNinja SlurpeeNinja BACKUP RUN 🚑 ✔️
All Zones NES Tecate Tecate BACKUP RUN 🚑 ✔️
Any% - Stone Hands Route NES Shauny7188 Shauny7188 BACKUP RUN 🚑 ✔️

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