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This is the schedule for Striking Cancer Out which will be held on January 27th - January 29th, 2023.
The marathon starts at 10:00 a.m. MST and ends each day just around 11:00 p.m. MST.

All donations from the marathon will be benefiting the Stollery Children's Hospital here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
The Stollery is a full-service pediatric hospital providing complex surgeries and advanced care to sick children since 2001.

Donation Link:

Thank you very much to all the speedrunners who joined this time around!

Kat & I looking forward to hosting another great event this January. :)

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All dates and times are given in America/Edmonton timezone (UTC-07:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% NES ScarFaceNico ScarFaceNico Let's go, Nico! Thank you for kickstarting our charity marathon. :)
Any% NES ScarFaceNico junkyard_dave First time Batman hasn't been run by me in a marathon I setup. :) I look forward to passing the torch to ScarFaceNico to show me how it's done.
Any Sega Genesis drex23 drex23 This legitimately might be one of the most underrated submissions this marathon. Extremely obscure speedrun and drex23 has amazing commentary to explain everything.
Any% NES regularstormy dnk_cafe Another very obscure (puzzle game) that's pretty cool. :)
Best Ending NES Ryan_Ford522 Ryan_Ford522 One of the best, most technical execution-heavy NES runs. Gimmick's power ups drop based on score, too, which adds another hard execution element.
Any% (No Text Mod) SNES Ryan_Ford522 Ryan_Ford522 Super Mario RPG is one of my favourite runs. Absolutely love it, and this category removes all the text mashing/text - which is almost a 50 minute difference!
Any% - Easy SNES Chill_Dragoon SeasonalBard Pocky & Rocky is pretty obscure. I'm a fan of obscure, so I hope you enjoy this game. It's a sleeper from Taito/Natsume.
Any% SNES LinkaMeister LinkaMeister Gods is another pretty obscure speedrun & video game.
Any% (No Black Thunder Skip) DOS StoneMonkeyResearch HowDoUPlayLive StoneMonkeyResearch's first(?) marathon! Speaking of obscure, Spider-Man on DOS. Did you know that ever existed?
Any% Nintendo Switch Shauny7188 Shauny7188 & DeByrdman Mega Man 9/10 are grossly underrated as speedruns.
Any% NES DeByrdman Shauny7188 & DeByrdman Fun fact: DeByrdman held the record for this game for like a week. xD And then a week later the old record holder came back and bopped him.
Any% Hard SNES JustJohnny420 JustJohnny420 Surprisingly difficult game made easy by a surprisingly difficult person.
Win A Single Game% NES DrMooCowz DrMooCowz I might be the only person in the world who has never played Tecmo Super Bowl as either a kid growing up, or as an adult.
Any% Glitchless Game Boy Chromagram Chromagram Looking forward to this one! Pokemon Trading Card Game was way ahead of its time on Game Boy.
Any% Famicom GarrettCRW GarrettCRW GarrettCRW's first speedrun/marathon!
8 Bit, No Out Of Bounds PC KuningasEST kyleberry_sr Do any games involving ninjas make for a bad speedrun?
100% No WW/OOB Game Boy Colour Dancarnate Dancarnate Link's Awakening DX has very cool speedrun movement for a GBC game.
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌
Any% NES bugdr bugdr & ZeroCounts bugdr is a god at StarTropics.
Any% NES bugdr bugdr & ZeroCounts bugdr is also a god at StarTropics II. bugdr is a double god.
Co-op (Clearing 150 Lines) Nintendo Wii TeamMayh3m TeamMayh3m I've never seen this before. Looked really cool and I love the idea of co-op Tetris of all games.
100% All Keys NES Moneymerks EunosXX & Lite_NING Amazingly, this is the first time I've ever had a NES Zelda game submitted to one of our marathons.
Showcase NES Apollo22237 Apollo22237 Apollo22237 will try to beat 21 short NES games in a row in an hour or less. Very cool and unique showcase. xD
Any% SNES noisepolice noisepolice Did you know noisepolice knocked out Glass Joe in Mike-Tyson's Punch-out!! with a trombone? For real he did. Check it out here. It's amazing. :D
Any% - Co-op SNES 09419018 & Fred__ Kat_Kunoichi & junkyard_dave Goof Troop co-op is honestly probably one of the best speedruns Kat & I ever learned. Super excited to have this one in! Good luck 09419018 & Fred__!
Any% NES ScarFaceNico vs thebagler5 EvryTimeWeSlay Race block. Very speedy movement in this game. Seems like the framerate is like 900%. Apparently Darth Vader is a jerk.
Japan - Easy% NES overlycriticalgamers vs nolekins2005 overlycriticalgamers & nolekins2005 Race block. Apparently all of Double Dragon II is a jerk.
Any% NES Chill_Dragoon vs SeasonalBard SeasonalBard Race block. Looking forward to this race! Little Samson is a sleeper for speedruns.
Any% NES TheJoeyMittens vs burst_error DrMooCowz Race block. Monster Party is all kinds of RNG. Good luck to everyone racing. xD
All WRs NES burst_error vs drmoocowz burst_error & DrMooCowz Race block. I've never seen Caveman Games, but if burst_error & DrMooCowz both like it, it must be good.
Any% PC LewDawn LewDawn Curse Crackers is an amazing indie GBC-esque inspired game with some extremely slick speedrun movement.
Any% - Toad NES kusomushi_buxter kusomushi_buxter kusomushi_buxter's old time in Batman (11:06) was one of the first "hard" times for me to beat. Honoured he's joining us from Japan. Good luck, Kuso!
Any% NES TheJoeyMittens TheJoeyMittens I actually had Rollergames as a kid and no one knew what the hell it was. Same with Bucky O'Hare, and Monsters in My Pocket. 2/3 of those games were submitted to this marathon!
Any% Easy Sega Genesis cajink87 cajink87 cajink87 said she could do the stage 1 skip 500/500 times in a row and promised everyone watching she would nail it first try.
Turbografix-16 Any% EpicNeonNinjaMonkey vs LattMackey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey & LattMackey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey & LattMackey have a great rivalry and share a lot of speedruns with each other. It would be cool to see them all in a row one day.
Turbografix-16 Any% EpicNeonNinjaMonkey vs LattMackey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey & LattMackey Did you know? LattMackey has a speedrunning-centric podcast that I listen to now and again.
Any% SNES Ryan_Ford522 Ryan_Ford522 More complex than pressing Y, bro.
Easy Sega Genesis ZeroCounts ZeroCounts & bugdr I find it extremely comical two Animaniacs games were submitted to this marathon.
Any% SNES AbsoluteKaty AbsoluteKaty I put them back to back as they're both actually very different games from each other. Neat, huh?
Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Spica's Story Dreamcast sharfers sharfers Japanese game block. Cool Cool Toon is like a Japanese PaRappa the Rapper.
Table Mountain RTA SNES rot_ta Yogidamonk Japanese game block. Shiren the Wanderer is like a Japanese Chocobo Dungeon 2.
Any% SNES overlycriticalgamers overlycriticalgamers Japanese game block. Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubou! is like a Japanese Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubou!
Any% - Hard SNES DeByrdman DeByrdman Japanese game block. Yokai Buster Ruka no Daibouken is a better re-skinned version of The Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet Pirates.
Any% PC GhostKumo GhostKumo Almost Japanese game block. GhostKumo falls into my group of S tier god commentators.
100% SNES highflyer28 Giocci Mega Man X is an execution-based run full of a lot of hard tricks to execute. Looking forward to this! You don't see 100% run as much as Any%.
All Levels NES TheHaxor Mitchflowerpower "Yo like, Dave is gonna get me banned from like, life, and I ain't even do anything wrong."
Any% PS2 Garlips Garlips Garlips was a great host (donation reader) during another big event I setup and organized. Good luck! I don't know Wacky Races: Mad Motors very well.
Any% NES Bassguy4 Bassguy4 I also don't know Faxanadu almost at all. I paired them back-to-back for this reason.
Demo% PC DanTheVP DanTheVP Same with BatBoy - never seen this one and look forward to these 3 in a row. I really appreciate the baseball-related submission.
Any% Game Boy Advance Prince_Leaf Prince_Leaf +1 more game I've never seen or heard of before. Looking forward to seeing it.
All Stages SNES EpicNeonNinjaMonkey EpicNeonNinjaMonkey Just press Y bro.
NES Normal Warpless MeurigVII junkyard_dave MeurigPlays's first speedrun marathon! Showcasing Bucky O'Hare to boot. Good luck on your first ever marathon run!
Nintendo DS Beat RotK Mr_Shasta Mr_Shasta Dunno what's more consistent for having good speedruns in a franchise, Kirby or Mega Man.
No Napalm SNES regularstormy Slormer Same with Cybernator. I don't know a whole lot about this run either. Tried to accept a chunk of runs that I've never seen or were unfamiliar with!
Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌 Sleep 💤🛌
Monday, January 30, 2023
Any% - Hard NES SlurpeeNinja SlurpeeNinja BACKUP RUN 🚑
All Zones NES Tecate Tecate BACKUP RUN 🚑
100 Points NES Prince_Leaf Prince_Leaf BACKUP RUN 🚑
Any% NES CurtsNewBrand CurtsNewBrand BACKUP RUN 🚑
Any% - Stone Hands Route NES Shauny7188 Shauny7188 BACKUP RUN 🚑
Queen League, Master Difficulty SNES Chill_Dragoon Chill_Dragoon BACKUP RUN 🚑
Mega Man: Battle & Fighters NeoGeo Pocket Colour Chill_Dragoon Chill_Dragoon BACKUP RUN 🚑
Any% PS2 Garlips Garlips BACKUP RUN 🚑
Hard Game Boy overlycriticalgamers overlycriticalgamers BACKUP RUN 🚑
All Courses Satellaview overlycriticalgamers overlycriticalgamers BACKUP RUN 🚑
300 SNES MegaRetroMan MegaRetroMan BACKUP RUN 🚑
Any% NES Lucha_Gym Lucha_Gym BACKUP RUN 🚑

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