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Spec SpectreXS Any% (Agent)
Devil Devilmyhell All Sagas
Hugo Hugo4fun Cleric%
Furlim Furlim All Cups 150cc (no skips)
Friday, July 17, 2015
Baldo Twitchbaldo 100%
Kehanort Kehanort Any% NG+
Smosism Smosism Any%
Romulo romulostx Any% (glitched run incentive)
PerilousPeanut PerilousPeanut Any%
RainDropDry Raindropdry Any%
RainDropDry Raindropdry All Mushrooms
Manooking Manooking Any% Glitched
Manooking Manooking Any%
Furlim / Smosism / Sakura / Rafa Furlim, Smosism, Sakurafreak, rafinhadutrarg All Countries (Amateur)
Smosism Smosism 2 Laps All Stages
Kytes Kytes_ Sonic Any%
Sakura Sakurafreak Any% No OoB
Baldo Twitchbaldo Any%
Romulo, TJ, Marco, Devil romulostx, tjfcs, marcotla, devilmyhell Main Campaigns Co-op
Penta Pentaleks Any%
Sakura Sakurafreak 100% (Zero)
Samuca Sambss All Stages
Titanish Augustotitan All Missions
Saturday, July 18, 2015
Dreamlandr Dreamlandr Any%
Spec SpectreXS Any%
Spec SpectreXS
Sakura Sakurafreak Any%
Smosism Smosism Any%
Smosism Smosism Any% (Both Stories)
Luiz Miguel Luiz_Miguel Any%
Neelyx Neelyx All Bosses
SickMind SickMind64 Any% Max
Ilher ilherstream Emulator Ganonless
TheUrnator / rCopat / Spec theurnator, rCopat, SpectreXS Any% NG+
Romulo / Kytes romulostx, Kytes_ Any% (AlttP any% incentive)
Penta Pentaleks Any%
Spec / Dezanig SpectreXS, dezanig 16 Stars
Furlim Furlim Any% No Star World (Cloud incentive)
Sakura Sakurafreak Any%
Sunday, July 19, 2015
Kehanort Kehanort 100%
Aloisio aloisio01 Any%
Aloisio aloisio01 Any%
Baldo Twitchbaldo Any% Claire A
Sceezy Sceezy Any%
TJ tjfcs Any%
Ilher ilherstream Any%
Sakura Sakurafreak Level-2 (easy)
Smosism Smosism Any%
RainDropDry / Aloisio Raindropdry, aloisio01 Any%
Ikki Ikkisoad Any%
Hirow xisHirow 100% (X)
Luiz Miguel Luiz_Miguel Any%
Todo mundo DRINK YOUR PEPSI Only my Choice%

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