SGRB Marathon 2016.1

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All dates and times are given in America/Recife timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% Embermage TheGuyWithTheBeard TheGuyWithTheBeard
Any% NG Uzmaty Uzmaty
Any% Easy Perseu PerseuxD
Any% BluSlider BluSlider
Any% Cassio Cassiothird
Any% No Co-op (130 electons) PerilousPeanut PerilousPeanut
Any% 1P Guigo SerelepeMarsupial
Dificult Any% Zipless ExtremeZero ExtremeZeroBR
Saturday, January 30, 2016
Any% Romulo Romulostx
All Sagas Devil Devilmyhell
Any% Easy Uzmaty Uzmaty
Any% Sakura SakuraFreak
Any% BluSlider Bluslider
Any% Normal Furlim Furlim
Any% PerilousPeanut PerilousPeanut
Any% Ura GP_CyberUra
Any% Nath Nathacsa
Any% (Race) Ura / Kbralz GP_CyberUra / Kbralz
Any% Aloisio Aloisio01
Cleric Time Attack Hugo Hugo4fun
Any% Victor Victorarddss
Any% Kehanort Kehanort
100% Spec SpectreXS
100% (Race) Luiz Miguel / EaBTasRaiul Luiz_Miguel / EaBTasRaiul
100% Luiz Miguel Luiz_Miguel
Zero 100% Sakura SakuraFreak
All Bosses Neelyx Neelyx
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Claire A Baldo Twitchbaldo
Leon B Muun Vortex_Muun
Any% Perseu PerseuXD
102% Muun Vortex_Muun
Any% Baldo Twitchbaldo
Any% Baldo Twitchbaldo
Low% (Race) FURiOUS / Furlim Furiousbr / Furlim
Any% (Race) EaBTasRaiul / Smosism EaBTasRaiul / Smosism
Any% Mortal + Purified Hiksbr Hiksbr
Milla (Hard) Fladervy Fladervy
Any% Wiglink Wiglink
Any% Glitchless (Race) Furlim / Baldo Furlim / Twitchbaldo
Any% Sakura SakuraFreak
All Bosses Sambss Sambss
Souless Pacifiist (Race) Kehanort / EaBTasRaiul / TJ Kehanort / EaBTasRaiul / TJFCs
100% Itens Edu207 Edu207

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