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Scheduled TimeEstimateGameGoalCommentary
Danmaku Unlimited 3 2 Billion Score + All Himself
Ketsui Duel! Highest Score Wins Plasmo, KZ the Kusoplayer, Mark MSX
Judgement Silversword 1cc Plasmo, GGMaximo, Dungeon Toaster
Eschatos 24 min speedrun Plasmo and Mark MSX
Esp.Ra.De. Highscoring 1cc Moglar, Xaerock, Plasmo
Darius Burst Chronicles Chronicle Mode 1cc Xaerock, Jaimers
Dodonpachi DOJ BL 1 BILLION Score Gus, Plasmo, Mark MSX
Hellsinker 100k + 1cc Himself
Touhou Ten Desires Highscoring 1cc Jaimers, Mark MSX
Mushihimesama Futari Ultra 1.5 Duel! Highest Score Wins Aquas and Kiwi
Gunsmoke 1cc Aquas and GGMaximo
eXceed 3rd Jade Hard 1cc Kiwi and KZ the Kusoplayer
Sunday, March 01, 2020
Progear 1-all CloudyMusic, Kiwi, and Plasmo
Mushihimesama Arrange Mode, 24 BILLION + Clear (Current World Record Holder) Plasmo, Mark MSX, and KZ the Kusoplayer
Dodonpachi DFK (Resurrection) Highscoring 2-all (Arcade 1.0 and Novice 1.5) Erppo and Mark MSX
RefRain Prism Memories 1 Billion + 1cc Mark MSX
None Have Fun! Mark MSX (and whoever wants to get on the mic)

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