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Swordfish 1CC, mid-tier scoring demonstration (Ragna bump attempt) Trap15 Plasmo and Mark MSX
1cc, all perfect bonuses Meriscan Softdrink
1ALL Type-C Survival Hausu Plasmo + Mark MSX
Try for near WR run (1.5 Billion Spirits) Twilightex Xaerock + Legless
Jamestown+ 4 Players Co-Op Divine Difficulty Playthrough Machomanmo, Chris Green, Yoshi, TheHeadyBear Alva + Mark MSX
To complete HELL ALL! without AUTO GUARD using BLUE WISH Prales Self
Type A 1-All (DJ) Type B 1-All (MSX) Djsessum + Mark MSX Softdrink
Ultra Mode 1cc Kiwi Softdrink + Plasmo
1.5+ million Xaerock Jaimers + Softdrink
Clear normal with Ode, aiming at a 6 bill score Mishi Legless
23M+ Normal (WR is 25M+, but most of the scoring is not marathon safe) Shoe Self
1CC Speedrun Showcase Hans 'Pichy' Stockmann Self
-- --
storymode rank.0 scorerun (Rehabilitation 6bil score line) Yakamino Xaerock + Legless
1cc ACEHLQV Route Gojiguy (Alex R) Bofner
Lunatic ALL on both routes with scoring Pearl Self + Softdrink

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