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Ura 2-All Duel! hsM over 800,000,000,000 hsM + Daringspino34 Softdrink + Queen Charlene
Miyamoto 1-All Neo_Antwon Jaimers + Plasmo
Normal Course scoring EeroKurkisuo Self
LNB (Lunatic No Bomb) ZPS ZM + Self
Get to TLB (Hibachi) 350M [TLB is Harder Than Arcade] Mark MSX Self
1CC Sega Saturn No Turbo, Route ABDHMSY Bofner Frank Pizza + Self
Lunatic 1cc+50quadrillion Silver Star Self
"Pacifist" Arcade, Type-3. 1CC target score 600-700m viewtyjoe Self
1-All + TLB 8 Billion Score M. Knight Frenetic + Softdrink
Hyper 1cc + 100 Million Score Legless Kiwi + Softdrink
Mark MSX
1cc 30M Score UBO Weakboson
Achieving a 2-ALL with some scoring in loop 1 Kyo Kusagani Self
650M in endless mode (2 Restarts in Case of RNG) mojilove Self
????? ???? ???

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