Sunday August 15th

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Lunar Arcade Original Type-Z 1cc Satis + Mark MSX
EeroKurkisuo Get 72k Points Player
trap15 1CC all 3 courses, without skipping stage content (without extensive milking) Player
Dubs Team Badrider - 1cc with Low Tier Characters Satis + Plasmo
Zemoo Extra Stage Clear (Zemoo) Player
KodoCoto 1cc clear, and showcase hidden codes Mark MSX + QuakedoomNukem
Etrem one-handed 1CC with the ASCII Super L5 Gameboy Guru + Mark MSX
Luna Original Wait On Scoring, 180 million or higher Legless + Jaimers
GalactaRay Easy Rule Mode Rank 4 Clear + Scoring (around 3billion) Player + Rezardi
M.Knight & Rezardi 1CC + 8.5bil points (M.Knight) / Fumiko or Kuga 1CC (Rezardi) Mishi
SFKhoa 2-ALL Jaimers + Plasmo
Silver Star 20trillion Softdrink + Queen Charlene
- - -
CHA-STG & Penny 1-All Plasmo + Mark MSX
QuakedoomNukem 1cc Clear UBO + Aktane
RadiantAnsel 1CC Doki Doki (Normal/Somewhat Scoring) Player, Juan Man, Dubs
Bofner 1cc Prickly Angler + Player
Raad primary: HIVAC all-clear. fallback: golden disaster clear, score over 1 trillion points Softdrink + Queen Charlene
A Skeleton Normal 1cc Meteor7
?????? ????? ?????

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