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Any% (No Sidekicks) Cubeface21 vs. SphereMJ
Any% Cubeface21
Any% Fatzke
Any% Thepsychoripper
Any% LotsOfS
Any% Hotshot SpootyBiscuit
Any% Hotshot SpootyBiscuit
Any% The_ Metric_ System
All Quests Progamingwithed
Any% Kungkobra
Friday, November 18, 2016
Any% Lifel1ke
All Collectibles DrTChops
UV Max Cyberdemon531
FPS Normal (Xbox) Speedwerd
Any% Havrd
Any% NG+ no DLC Letterswords
Any% Kungkobra
Any% Eliieceraptor vs. PrototypeAlpha
Any% Arzga
Any% Arzga
Any% Tapioca2000
Any% Tourist Tezur0
Any% Tourist TheKotti
Any% NG+ SuperSqank
Any% Cubeface21
Any% (Segmented) Janmumrik, Deadbeat, Brainfluid, SphereMJ, Dxtr
I Can Win Samwhichh
Any% Tourist Schwickle
All Reefs% BEARDYduck
Any% Realmcopier
Any% (Easy) Realmcopier
Operative Mr_Shasta
Arcade Mode MyOhMyke
Any% Romaji MyOhMyke
Any% Sigmasin
Any% (Easy) DeadBeat
Any% Kairosfractes
Any% Easy Difficulty Ed58
Saturday, November 19, 2016
Any% Heinki
War Queen All Stages TheWanderingMind
Any% Normal TheWanderingMind
Any% LivingLooneyBin
Counter-Terrorism Campaign & Post-Nuclear Campaign Buffet_Time
Humans Campaign & Mutants Campaign Buffet_Time
Any% Cromish
Any% isBullets
All Secrets Ellieceraptor vs. isBullets vs. RandomisedFoxes
Any% Tezur0
Any% Thepsychoripper
All Secrets Thepsychoripper
Any% Alnak
Any% Alnak
All Secrets Sajiki
100% Glasnonck
Any% tHmCS
Any% Zen_Ivan
Any% Zen_Ivan
Any% LifeL1ke
Any% Easy LotsOfS
Leon A Thepsychoripper
Any% Cyberdemon531
Any% Smartalec0624
Sunday, November 20, 2016
Cutscene% The_ Metric_System
Any% DeadRobots
120 Signs Voetiem
NG+ Any% PC Mattmatt10111
Any% Speedwerd
Any% Zoton2
Aleph One Any% Tbcrtwitch
Any% Tbcrtwitch
Any% Tbcrtwitch
Arcade Easy Nightbarrel
Traffic Desk SeductiveSpatula
Campaign Run Mb_zhp vs. Tucansam200 vs. LoveBotFF
Any% Lifel1ke
UV-Speed Thepeterafro
NG+ All Levels Jackintosh
Any% Havrd
Any% Havrd
NG+ All Bosses Munchakoopas
Cadet 4-Player Co-op Halodude862, Tensesummer, Backflip9, Danblast86
Any% Riekeltje
Arcade Medium Theboyks
Any% Fatzke
East Qwit Backflip9, Halodude862, Davco17, iPedrogas
NG+ Any% (Easy) BEARDYduck
Any% DrTChops
PRO/SA Saintmillion

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