Shots Fired: Overkill

Shots Fired is a semiannual speedrunning marathon exclusively for shooter games. Featuring First Person Shooters, Third Person Shooters, 2D Shooters, and some more unorthodox shooters, Shots Fired has something for all action lovers.

Shots Fired: Overkill will be streamed live from November 13 - November 19 at

Starts on

All dates and times are given in America/Toronto timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% Gearless (PC) LJarko
Any% Mr_Shasta
Any% Drunkenshoe
Any% henyK
NG+ Zoton2
Heptalogy CapnClever
Claire A Thepsychoripper
Any% Pavichokche
Any% NG+ Deadrobots
Any% Tbcrtwitch
Any% Kindergarten Tbcrtwitch
New Game Coop JakePlisskenSDA & Leomire
Tuesday, November 14, 2017
All Main Levels (Total Carnage) Aperturegrillz
Any% 2x zoom Mekarazium
Any% Kelnin
Dante NG+ Heaven or Hell Mekarazium
Any% Suicidemachine
Any% RavenSempaai
Any% the__vk
Any% Zeppelin Gqro
NG+ HoH w/SC Mekarazium
Fanmade Co-op Map Showcase Havrd & Jinjenia
Any% (no level skip) Havrd
New Game + call_ me_ zeroo
Any% - Normal Lashazior
Any% Catalystz
Goddess of Explosions TheWanderingMind
Any% Raichu208
Episode 2 Any% (Race) LJarko vs. PrototypeAlpha
All Items Mr_Shasta
All Main Categories Msushi100
Campaign Co-op TucenSam & MrBond
No Out of Bounds LifeL1ke
Beat the Game Lastly
Normal Any% Roncli
Segmented Mattmatt10111
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Premium Adventure (NG+) FroobMcGuffin
PRO/SA Lashazior
Alien Campaign BucketPls
New Game Professor_Palmer
Normal Difficulty LinkaMeister
Any% seekerTV
Any% Naloas
Any% Tourist Tezur0
Jewel of the Nile Tezur0
All Missions (Easy) LotsOfS
NG (no DS) Mageikk
Pyramid Any% Mageikk
Any% k0uS1S
Any% Cadarev
Any% Cadarev
Any% Cadarev
Any% Antidotsrd
Any% Theenglishman
Enhanced Default Difficulty PvtCb
Any% KPCzombie
Any% HitSponge
Any% PS4 RTA Mattmatt10111
Thursday, November 16, 2017
Any% Mami FroobMcGuffin
Bad Ending No DLC ASmallPotato
Bitch MyOhMyke
Legendary Davidspartan95
All Collectibles Fripic
Any% Tolarus
Any% Havrd
Any% Havrd
Any% Naloas
Easy Difficulty LinkaMeister
Any% - Easy Tezur0
Any% Arzga
6 Episodes SimonNaar
Any% KrusKader
Any% Normal Kykystas
Any% Coop Kykystas & Wh1teLight
All Stages Lonnesurvivor
Any% Antidotsrd & Kh0rak
All Upgrades TheRedSock
Bank Heist: Deposit (any difficulty, solo) Yzanas_
PC Iceplug
Any% BeanSSBM
All Episodes, Easy CapnClever
Any% (Death Incarnate) CapnClever
Episodes 1-5, SM Speed Cyanbreak
Ghost% 1oxu
Any% AlbertHamik
All Campaigns Buffet_Time
Any% - PS2 PAL Beardyduck
Friday, November 17, 2017
Any% Good Ending Tbcrtwitch
Any% FiaB Tbcrtwitch
New Game + Mattmatt10111
Any% NG+ Mattmatt10111
Any% PXMacaiah
Any% Kelnin
Any% Episode 1 Glitched KrusKader
Any% ArminSpeedRuns & SixRockFire
Any% Tezur0
Easy Any% F14m3z
Any% the__vk
Co-op Antidotsrd, Animeliodas, Kykystas
Reisen Udongein Inaba Any% Antidotsrd
Any% (Episodes 1-4) Cubeface21
Any% Easy Cubeface21
Any% Alnak
Any% PraskOo_
All Levels No SG CovertMuffin
All Unique Deaths LifeL1ke
Legendary Cryphon
Casual 1 no WW Konasumi vs. Flagalstan
Any% Mageikk
Fighter Cyanbreak
Chex Quest 1 Cyanbreak
No Skips Solo sasam
Seeker Any% Roncli
Saturday, November 18, 2017
Any% Null 5F Any Unlocks+CP Roncli
Sadistic Satellite% Pavichokche
Beat the Game Pavichokche
Any% Mattmatt10111
Any% ChurchnSarge
Any% the__vk
Scriptless ProtoAus
Jill Normal Bad Ending KrusKader
Any% tpasalt
100% tpasalt
All Masks Buffet_Time
Easy Difficulty LinkaMeister
Any% Rythin_SR
Inbounds noSL ConnorAce_ vs. icy_______
100% VenMissa
New Game Speedwerd
New Game Alt All Bosses MunchaKoopas vs. SimplyFir
Old Engine Scripted% Centaur1um
Any% Bubblesdelfuego
Any% Bubblesdelfuego
All Unique Weapons Kungkobra
Any% isBullets
Any% NG+ Easy N3rd_Squared
All Main Missions Antidotsrd
Sunday, November 19, 2017
Any% Lembox
Any% k0uS1S
Spec Ops% the__vk
Any% Ophelia Cubeface21
Any% Maltemller
Any% BingChang vs. Mageikk
Any% Thepsychoripper
Any% Thepsychoripper
Any% Nosferatu icy_______
No Passing Through Portals icy_______
New Journey GhostKing
All Gold Bolts PerilousPeanut
Any% FroobMcGuffin
Any% Bubblesdelfuego
NG+ Any% Catalystz

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