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Scripted% Centaur1um
Any% TheKotti
Any% (PC) SphereMJ
Any% (Easy) brainfluid
Any% TheFuncannon
Any% k0uS1S
Any% ripchip_
Any% ripchip_
1 Character teddyras
Any% Normal lashazior
Any% NG+ RTA Mattmatt10111
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Any% FroobMcGuffin
Hard tbcrtwitch
HD Any% tbcrtwitch
Any% k0uS1S
Vergil New Game+ Bulkich
Any% Bulkich
Nero/Dante NG Devil Hunter Mekarazium
Quests: Vor's Prize Mekarazium
Any% 51fulgrim
Any% (GBA) LoveBot
Any% Easy Tezur0
100% Tezur0
Any% henyk
Any% - Airship Gqro
Goddess of Explosions SimonNaar
Any% Protomagicalgirl
Any% Arzga
Normal Difficulty LinkaMeister
Beat The Game (Dead on arrival) MightyCrab
All Terrorist Hunts (Co-op) antidotsr, thevk, PJSoprano, Bulkich, kh0rak
All Quests NoobSalmon
Any% HarryPearce
Scriptless alexh0we
Cronus Frontier SpootyBiscuit
No OoB Items LifeL1ke
All Bosses teddyras
Any% Mattmatt10111
Any% (HRH Mod) henyk
Thursday, July 12, 2018
Any% Rythin
Any% thevk
Any% (Easy) lekolega
Legendary davidspartan95
WON scriptless Parklez
Unlock High Rank Lastly
All Missions - Residential Tezur0
Any% Scripted Steam Version Maltemller
Any% SuicideMachine
Any% CountGooby vs. LinkaMeister
Easy Any% LinkaMeister
Niobe MightyCrab
Any% Davdus
Any% Kelnin
Co-op Msushi & CantEven
Any% v1 N3rd_Squared
100% Tolarus
Full Clear Junper
All Tournaments tapioca
Total Carnage aperturegrillz
Friday, July 13, 2018
Any% Kindergarten tbcrtwitch
Any% FroobMcGuffin
Any% thevk
Any% MakkerDon
Any% (Easy) Rythin
Any% Normal Kykystas
Any% Easy HarryPearce
All Kills PlasticRainbow
Any% Tezur0
Any% Tezur0
Any% F14m3z
All Suit Events TheRedSock
Any% Leemyy
101% Linkameister
Any% KrusKader
Any% Easy Race AlbertHamik vs. Rythin
Substance any% Normal Pythonicus
All Levels Gqro
NG+ Bingchang
[A] Kanaris
Any% KWScopii
Any% KWScopii
Any% (No Intro) Tomatoanus
Any% Sasam
Saturday, July 14, 2018
Any% Ecdycis
Story Mode k0uS1S
Vendettas Campaign Mattmatt10111 vs. Hutchtee
Any% PS4 Mattmatt10111
Any% Cadarev vs. PlasticRainbow
Any% Easy HarryPearce
Any% Legendary NG+ Legendary_Robb
Spiderman NG+ havrd
Any% havrd
9 Episodes, Turbo, all bonus stages SimonNaar
Episodes 1-4 BinaryBlob vs. Dominator_101
All Masks Buffet_Time vs. Jackintoshh
Any% New Game Plus Mattmatt10111
All Campaigns Buffet_Time
Easy Any% JustDustinEchoes
Any% 2p Co-op Deln & pentaleks
Sunday, July 15, 2018
Timeskip% NG Ecdycis
New Game Ecdycis
Any% Lashazior
Any% Easy Difficulty ed58
Any% WRP_Beater
Any% speedwerd
Any% Mageikk
Any% (PS) Protomagicalgirl
Following % Lonnesurvivor
Easy Mode LinkaMeister
All Bosses havrd
NG+ ZGTorrent
Any% No Airswim Munchakoopas
Any% Kelnin
Any% Bryonato

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