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epicdudeguy Any% no DLCs zorg0 MrTiger92 khAAs
euantp Glitchless zorg0 Nixxo khAAs
amzy Any% NCS zorg0
TheDementedSalad Any% Glitchless zorg0 Zorg0 Mowlie
Saturday, October 31, 2020
Waifu New Game Professional Mowlie CaptainVeniKose -
pmcTRILOGY Any% YukiArisato CaptainExo
DECosmic & AvuKamu NG Co-op Amateur YukiArisato CaptainExo VeniVidiRici
Thebritishrunner Any% YukiArisato CaptainExo
Mashun Any% VeniVidiRici
Cadarev Any% Solo NG+ Mowlie Zorg0 Mowlie
wildfire011 Any% PS4 Mowlie
Hutchtee Any% PS4 Mowlie StarWarrior_SWaG VeniVidiRici
Dominator_101 Jazz - Episodes 1-4 Mowlie Zorg0 Mowlie
Cadarev Any% Mowlie
TwanM4n Campaign+ Any% Mowlie
KanekiYani Trevor% zorg0 MrTiger92 Zorg0
Juh0rse Any% zorg0 CaptainExo Vvegeta84
pmcTRILOGY Any% zorg0 CaptainExo Mowlie
rythin_sr All Levels zorg0
Buffet_Time NG+ All Levels Zorg0
Blooddive Any% Zorg0
Thebritishrunner Any% Zorg0
Soph & lotsofs Any% Co-op Tourist YukiArisato CaptainExo
Sunday, November 01, 2020
FrostDragonZ_UN Any% YukiArisato Velare_sr
Benedictatorr No Minor Skips YukiArisato CaptainExo Vvegeta86
radishishot Any% YukiArisato CaptainExo
Waifu Main Campaigns Solo YukiArisato Davdus
tapioca Any% VeniVidiRici Velare_sr VeniVidiRici
WRP_Beater Any% (with driving skips) VeniVidiRici Traviktox VeniVidiRici
Leemyy Any% Mowlie
Leemyy Easy Mowlie Davdus Mowlie
Covert_Muffin All Modules - NMG - Alt Mowlie TheSubso Vvegeta84
Timopy Any% Mowlie TheSubso Mowlie
Keanos1000 Glitchless Mowlie Mowlie khAAs
Thebpg13 Any% NG+ Mowlie
biingobongos Any% Mowlie TheSubso khAAs
apple1417 & Gelly Co-op zorg0 CaptainExo Subso
Thebpg13 Any% zorg0 neXGam_Civilization Blooddive
Monday, November 02, 2020
F14m3z Easy Run zorg0 CaptainExo Mowlie
callmezeroo Leon A Standard (120FPS) zorg0 CaptainVeniKose xxxinsomnia87xxx
Buffet_Time Any% No Spin zorg0 TheSubso CaptainExo
GHAddictAddict Any% zorg0 TheSubso CaptainExo
FromDarkHell Seeded NG+ (Post Subject 2923) TheSubso CaptainExo Zorg0
Reptilian_Gamer MCC - Easy TheSubso TheSubso CaptainExo
Psych0sis_tv Any% (No Episode Warp) TheSubso CaptainExo
ProInfernape Any% TheSubso VeniVidiRici CaptainExo
HarcTehShark Any% TheSubso TheSubso CaptainExo
FroobMcGuffin Any% (Season 3) TheSubso CaptainExo Mowlie
Tezur0 Any% TheSubso
SolidSpiderZnake Any% neXGam_Civilization neXGam_Civilization
LonneSurvivor Any% NG+ neXGam_Civilization Velare_sr Mowlie
Bulkich New Game Normal neXGam_Civilization CaptainExo Mowlie
Bulkich Any% - Easy neXGam_Civilization neXGam_Civilization
Mekarazium Any% neXGam_Civilization neXGam_Civilization
Heinki Any% Zorg0 VeniVidiRici Mowlie
Heinki Any% Zorg0 VeniVidiRici Mowlie
henyK All Secrets Zorg0 CaptainExo TheSubso
LinkaMeister New Game+ Zorg0 CaptainExo Mowlie
DistroTV Legendary Zorg0 TheSubso
Tuesday, November 03, 2020
ButterflyakaFlutterby All Story Missions TheSubso TheSubso CaptainExo
TheDementedSalad TFW NG+ Ultra Hard TheSubso CaptainVeniKose
XeroHR Easy Any% TheSubso TheSubso CaptainExo
UnFantasmaMas Hero Mode Any% TheSubso
EulerTheGreat HARD GDI FULL CAMPAIGN Mowlie GeneralDasZertheiler Mowlie
SRGTsilent Recruit Mowlie TheSubso Mowlie
Davdus New Game+ Mowlie neXGam_Civilization VeniVidiRici
dj_mikemax Any% Mowlie neXGam_Civilization
SasquatchSensei Easy Mowlie neXGam_Civilization
TheDementedSalad & Mattmatt NG Co-op Jake Mowlie CaptainVeniKose -
KrusKader Any% neXGam_Civilization Zorg0 Mowlie
Extruderx LOVE+kuso Any% neXGam_Civilization Zorg0 Mowlie
PfhorShark Beat the Game neXGam_Civilization neXGam_Civilization
velare_sr New Game + neXGam_Civilization VeniVidiRici neXGam_Civilization
Rifampin_ Any% neXGam_Civilization HolyHit44 Vvegeta84
wildfire011 Any% PS4 no Airwalk neXGam_Civilization
eggplanthydra53 Legendary neXGam_Civilization neXGam_Civilization khAAs
Bakuman84 Any% Glitchless VeniVidiRici
Wednesday, November 04, 2020
havrd Any% VeniVidiRici Zorg0 Veni
LifeL1ke All Unique Deaths TheSubso
Mattmatt Any% (Dead on Arrival) TheSubso TheSubso
isBullets Njord Easy TheSubso mprQQ
somr54 Any% TheSubso
Blooddive Any% NG+ (Good Ending) Civ
teddyras Any% TheSubso
tbcr_ Any% Mix TheSubso
PrototypeAlpha Any% Civ TheSubso Civ

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