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shadoweh_ PC Any%
Riekelt PC All Quests
Dejackofhearts PC Any% (Beginner)
Tricrow PC Any%
Salzkorn PC Any%
GliitchWitch PC Engine All Main Treasures
lisarox Switch Any%
PengWin_SC Gamecube Any%
Friday, May 29, 2020
Crrool GBP No Center/No Mart
ChampionBeef PC Any% Glitchless Modified Turbo
starlordria PSX Any% Claude
ForrestMoth PC Any% Old Patch
ChuckGrody PC Any%
bichphuongballz NES Any%
Saturday, May 30, 2020
FellVisage PC Any%
Razorflamekun PC All Quests (Casual, Random, No HDF)
Chubbus Sega Genesis Any%
GhostKumo PC Any%
blackdeathdoom PS2 Any%
Soulkilla15 PS2 Any%
Dowolff PC Any%
AlecK47 PC Any%
Sunday, May 31, 2020
ryguy3745 NES Cat%
MyOhMyke SFC Any% (Japanese)
Noraystra, Wildfireskunk SNES DeeJ% Race
davidtki PC Any% (Water)
iICrowIi PC Warrior Any%
Thilotilo NES Any%
SmellyMctroll PS Vita Any%
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