Saturday Aug 14th

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Scheduled GameEstimatePlayerGoalCommentary
Daringspino34 3 Trillions and defeat Hibachi Queen Charlene + Softdrink
Meriscan & tomzacz 2-All (Meriscan) & 1-All (tomzacz) Plasmo + Mark MSX
copy-paster 1-All Possibly 2-All on 2P side QuakedoomNukem + Jaimers
HAUSER 1cc > F-X Route (the hardest) > Routing request from the audience AKTANE, Dolphin
Chinopolis & MEG A++ ALL, TLB Clear Aktane + Softdrink
- - -
Satis Original Mode scoring Player
Rezardi, EmperorIng360, Mishi, M.Knight 3-/4-way Score Exhibition. Goal: 1cc & 3 billion+ points AlvaLynsis + Plasmo
Kiwi Ultra Clear with a BIG SCORE Softdrink + Plasmo
Hausu & Plasmo 2-All Jaimers + Mark MSX
Ramtoi & Pearl Unlimited Mode: Score race Satis + Plasmo
- - -
Hans 'Pichy' Stockmann Normal Clear + Scoring (Snow) Player + Mark MSX
Gojiguy (Alex R) Lambda Route 1cc Player + Bofner
Prickly Angler Route ABDFILP with 30hz Autofire M.Knight and Bofner
Legless & Mark MSX 2-All with Scoring THE DEVELOPERS OF THE GAME!
KyoKusagani 1-ALL clear + Some Loop 2 Action Player
ZPS Lunatic No Bomb 1cc with Marisa B ZM and Riz
- - -
Juan Man 1cc and 300000 Points Player + Dubs + Ansel
twilightex 2: 1cc & Extra Clear & 20 Million+, 3: 1cc legless + Rezardi
Flobeamer1922 1-ALL Clear ZPS + RadiantAnsel + Mycophobia

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