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Mileve Any%
ZELLLOOO Watch me Die-Max
Ohmacs Any% HRH Mod
Benedictatorr No Major Skips
shredster_vii All Kills Showcase
the_assassinathan 8 or Older
LinkaMeister Any%
Nobleboy77 One Credit Clear
TempestMask1000 Story Mode (Normal)
JalBagel Xeno%
junkyard_dave Hard! Mode
chairgtables & voxandra Zero, Any%
Sleep Pillow %
Friday, November 12, 2021
Nausicaa33 Showcase
mileve Story Mode Chapters 1 & 2
MisterHomes All Holes!
MisterHomes Win Level 5
tpasalt Any% GOTY
spootybiscuit Story Mode
MechaGai Showcase
Shauny7188 Main Story - NG+ Glitchless
therealbong Speedrun
Brofar New Game (PC)/Leon/Standard/120FPS
ohmacs & kazutoB Any% Shura Ending
SLeep Co-op w/ Teddy Bear
Saturday, November 13, 2021
Sparkover Dragon Loop
SchalaKitty VGA Any%
xIceblue Any%
xIceblue Any% Glitchless
Deln Any%
vanni_van Any%
tetraly 0-10
junkyard_dave & Debyrdman Any%
choobsx All Stages
ThePhantomire Fang - Rescue/Surrender
Slurpeeninja & ThePhantomire Rising Mode Co-op Any%
Slurpeeninja Normal, 1 Credit Clear
Sunday, November 14, 2021
HJA_RTA & Slurpeeninja Any%
overlycriticalgamers 1P Dragon - Easy
Starwin All Courses
megaretroman Ninja (Normal)
namconade Gold Junior Cup%
joshtgr_ Any%
dewdney 16 Star - No LBLJ
Panzerdave & Sparkover Co-op Randomizer
Slurpeeninja Dave%
ZELLLOOO Trainee Any%
AngryScootsman Showcase
MrBumboclaat Showcase
sorryarisaurus Showcase
dotphase Showcase

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