Slurpathon 7 Schedule

Welcome to Slurpathon 7: Remake!! We are a speedrun marathon featuring a variety of speedruns throughout the weekend of November 6th - 8th 2020 in order to raise money for Extra Life Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Watch the event live at SlurpeeNinja And if you wish to donate you can donate here at this Donation Link All the proceeds through this link go directly to the charity!!! Thank you for your support, and for enjoying Slurpathon 7!!

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All dates and times are given in America/Edmonton timezone (UTC-07:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

HJA_RTA (He/Him) Normal, Zipless NES
GeoffTheHero Any% SNES Slurpeeninja
Slurpeeninja (He/Him) and HJA_RTA (He/Him) Any%, Race Wii
8bitisgr8 (He/Him) All Stages, Easy PSX
Niakky (He/Him) Any% SNES
ikeru_4 (he/Him) 11 Exit No Cape NMG SNES
NMEtv (He/Him) RTA NES
MechaGai (He/Him) Showcase - Music Game Switch
Seckswrecks (They/Them) Any% PC
beeteas (He/they) Any% SNES Eunos
KluterArchring (He/Him) NG+ NME PSX LadyDeme
GliitchWiitch (She/Her) Any% QoL Patch PC Engine
Seckswrecks (They/Them) Any% PC
Ohmacs (He/Him) and Slurpeeninja (He/Him) Any% NG+ Multi-Crab (Co-Op) PC
infinitemystery He/Him) Tadpole Any% PC Slurpeeninja
Ohmacs (He/Him) Any% Shura Ending Randomizer PC
Saturday, November 07, 2020
Everyone Sleep % Bed
Starwin (He/Him) Low% PC
bit_decay (He/Him) Showcase of the Double Mode in IIDX PC
wolfman2000 (He/They) Active Controls Showcase: Play a Rythm Game With Motion Controls Instead of Standard Controls Switch
beeteas (He/They) Skillz Showcase PC
Benedictatorr (He/Him) Glitchless PC
baldnate (He/Him) 100% NES
Shauny7188 (He/Him) Any% New Journey GameCube Delphi
ZELLLOOO (He/Him) Showcase Arcade Haru
Fruity_Waffles (He/Him) All Bosses v1.1 PC
Mileve (She/Her) Any% PC
LRock617 (He/Him) Any%, Normal Xbox 360
Thedevman2DX (He/Him) Any% SNES
tetraly (She/Her) ZORA (Zelda One Randomizer for All) Randomizer NES
Sparkover (She/They) and megmacattack (She/Her) Randomizer Co-Op NES
Anthole (He/Him) Easy NES
ZELLLOOO (He/Him) Any% GameCube
Sunday, November 08, 2020
vanni_van (He/Him) Any% TG-16
ProInfernape (He/Him) Any% PC 8bitisgr8 (He/Him)
Falconsfreak02 (He/Him) Any% No Major Glitches PC JourneymanB, Willowthewhispersr (They/Them)
ThePhantomire (He/Him) Lab/Fight JP Sheena Mega Drive
Everyone Sleep% Bed
habeebs(He), lk431(LK), rot_ta(They/Them) and samiam(He/Him) Any% normal (4 way race) SNES AcidicIV, KungFusedMike, Pile
Starwin (He/Him) Any% NG+ XboxOne
mrchris38 (He/Him) Any% NES LookinToad (They/Them)
Sozeman (He/Him) 100% PC LVCreed
Fruity_Waffles (He/Him) and Miinfin (He/Him) 8 Bit No Out of Bounds PC Minous27, HowTallItWould
beeteas (He/They) Five Heart Challenge - First Quest NES
tetraly (She/Her) Catastrophe Ending PC
Slurpeeninja (He/Him) Any% Easy NES
Sparkover (She/They) 100% NES
theassasinathan (He/Him) 8 or Older PC
TRANQ89 (He/Him) and Carnathfd (He/Him) Multiworld PC
dotphase (He/Him) Rhythm Gaming Showcase PC
sorryannasaurus (She/Her/Hers) Rhythm Gaming Showcase PC typobox
Slurpeeninja (He/Him) and Ohmacs (He/Him) Kefka @ Narshe Race SNES Captain_Mop!
Monday, November 09, 2020
Anyone Still Awake/Around Ending Speech/Thanks Real Life

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