Schedule 2015

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any% Easy Race Elgu, Bloodvez
RTA any% PJC
any% Tryedz
any% Co-op nan0kub, troufiniou
any% Half-Life mod race PJC, Bloodvez
any% Elgu
Inbounds Fnzzy
any% Chinese_soup
any% Onin
OoB Diabl0
Co-op S., Gocnak
any% Maxxuss
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
any% Race Maxxuss, BitRain
New Engine Gocnak
Old Engine Lo1ts
sp00ky% Half-Life mods LynnWicked
any% Cubeface
any% Elgu
any% XeiZ
any% ShadowDraft
any% ThePaprikaKiller
any% Commentary w/ shoup Tomsk45
any%? Race .execut4ble, BitRain
any% scripted bonus execut4ble
TAS Half-Life, Portal YaLTeR, PackSciences
Afterparty bonus AG_Player1337, Everyone
Afterparty bonus Everyone
any% bonus Shrimp

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