Speed Gaming for Sick Kids 4

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner/sDonation Incentive/sRestreamer
Any% 097Aceofspades LP3Cinema
Any% OllieNK Drake% ($0/$20) LP3Cinema
Any% Lochmodana LP3Cinema
All Story Missions Pet_petiguana LP3Cinema
Any% mr_shasta LP3Cinema
Any% Nostalgia64runs Spongegar and Patgar Costumes ($40 MET) LP3Cinema
Any% Mildew0 Konasumi
Any% stoneredgaming Konasumi
Co-Op Shockwve, Amyrlinn Konasumi
Saturday, March 04, 2017
100% (Reverse Boss Order) MyOhMyke KonaSumi
Any% Crandor94 Amyrlinn
Hardcore ArcticRevrus The Meme Dictionary ($100 MET) Amyrlinn
Any% EmeraldAly Amyrlinn
Any% TideRuglia Amyrlinn
100% LP3Cinema vs. St4rsurfer vs. Broedgeman vs. Le_Hulk Zoton2
100% TheDrifter18 vs. St4rsurfer Zoton2
Zero Any% TheDrifter18 Zoton2
Any% Zipless matphilly Zoton2
Any% thepeterafro Hard Mode ($0/$30) Zoton2
All Platinum Bolts SuperSqank Zoton2
Any% (No Catwoman) HonorableJay Zoton2
Campaign Konasumi vs. Japanese_Spaghettee Zoton2
Any% Konasumi vs. Japanese_Spaghettee Zoton2
Any% thehatmate Konasumi
True Pacifist jdlinkmaster101 Konasumi
Any% roach788 vs. ZellyFF Konasumi
Sunday, March 05, 2017
Catch Em All BitPersonal LP3Cinema
All Levels Ryddyx LP3Cinema
Any% kvikur LP3Cinema
Easy Mode zexion6 LP3Cinema
Any% NG+ Goodigo LP3Cinema
Any% Amyrlinn Zoton2
Any% RealmCopier Zoton2
Hard Any% TheDrifter18 Zoton2
Adventure Mode zexion6
Any% (No Item Glitch) roach788 Zoton2
NG+ Amateur Difficulty (Co-Op) WoT_Auddy07, WoT_Carpenter Zoton2
Dark Carnival Campaign (Co-Op) Dazzy3D, DrGur, The_OfficialRon Zoton2
NTA PlushSOJ Amyrlinn
Glitchless Any% JTB___ Amyrlinn
Takumi's Story Konasumi Amyrlinn
Any% tomatoanus Amyrlinn
S-Ending Ecdycis Amyrlinn
Any% GhostScit Konasumi
Any% No Wrong Warp crash6351 Konasumi
Any% (Normal Beck) Gumjaw Konasumi
25 Cubes Amyrlinn vs. Konasumi vs. Mildew0 Konasumi
Monday, March 06, 2017
Any% No LSS RedSlash Glitch Showcase + Developer Ending ($40 MET) , Bid War for Character Names: Crono, Lucca, Marle, Frog, Robo, Ayla BitPersonal
Vs Com V-Hard zexion6 BitPersonal
Any% Andonuts64_ BitPersonal
Any% Mango vs. Yan LP3Cinema
Nero/Dante NG Devil Hunter Pvtcb LP3Cinema
Any% PhioPTZ Mustache% ($32.75/$40) LP3Cinema
Any% PhioPTZ LP3Cinema
Any% SoruPlayz Bid War: First, Second, or Third Ending LP3Cinema

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