Speedruns Through Time 2021

DreamHack and Warp World are proud to present the first ever SpeedRuns Through Time

SpeedRuns Through Time is a 5 day event focused on bringing you some of the best runs from every major era of gaming.

Day 1: 8 Bit Era

The grandfather of speedrunning, and an era known for being extremely challenging casually. Watch these runners blow through the games you've never beat less time than it takes to wash the dishes.

Day 2: 16 Bit Era

If 8 Bit was the Blueprint, 16 bit was the masterpiece. We've got runners breezing through your absolute favorite games from the era of pixel art

Day 3: 3D Era

The jump into 3D was a whole new world for gamers, but with a lot of practice speedrunners were able to master movement with an extra dimension

Day 4: Modern Era

Games have come a long way, but that hasn't stopped runners from picking them apart and finding wild ways to beat them.

Day 5: GSA Speedrun Academy Takeover

Day 5 will feature GSA doing 4 segments of seasoned runners teaching newcomers in some of the most popular speed games out there.

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100% TheMexicanRunner
Any% Relay CoolKid
Zen% GlitchCat7
Any% Glitchless Shenanagans
Crowd Control Skybilz
Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Glitchless, Glitched, Glitched SuperSonic_
All DK Coins V0oid
100% TAS dwangoAC & FreyasSpirit
All Dungeons RMG Andy
Crowd Control GrandPooBear
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
70 Star Gerbiez
150CC All Cups (Skips) Abney
High Score Run Kelpsey
Dancepad 10 Shines PeekingBoo
Hero Story Emerldd
Snaking All Tracks 1DavidJ
Crowd Control SakuraTsubasa
Thursday, July 29, 2021
Any% Tyron18
Funky Mode Any% SpikeVegeta
Drums Showcase CZR_Drums
Any% Glitchless amethyst_rocks
Crowd Control TGH_sr
All Bosses & Minibosses Lilaggy
Friday, July 30, 2021
Mentorship Showdown
Mentorship Showdown
Mentorship Showdown
Mentorship Showdown

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