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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerAspect RatioSystem
Welcome% speedgaming2 16:9 Super-Staff-Box-Station
Story Easy CountGooby 4:3 SNES
1P - 2 Rounds Wallyzorde 4:3 PS1
Tournament Pro % cestpatou 4:3 Sega Genesis
Any % SgtPowerglove 4:3 32X
Any% Proto_Sonic 4:3 Sega Genesis
Target Smash All Characters CountGooby 16:9 Nintendo Wii
Saturday, April 25, 2020
Adventure CountGooby 16:9 Nintendo Gamecube
Chronicles of the Sword MSKain 16:9 PS2
Story Mode - Normal Pandadotrar 4:3 PS1
Arcade Mode (Normal) a1major 4:3 Sega Genesis
Normal (Max) a1major 4:3 Sega Genesis
Arcade Pandadotrar 16:9 PC
Arcade Mode DBCade 4:3 Nintendo DS
Queen of Fighter's Tourney DBCade 4:3 Neo Geo Pocket Color
Any% cespatou 4:3 Sega Genesis
RPG Mode % Coop 16:9 PC
Arcade Mode (Melee Only) Pandadotrar 16:9 PSP
Main Mode - Very Hard Pandadotrar 16:9 GBA
Arcade Easy PilotPanda 16:9 PC
All Gundams (No Unlockables) (Race) IconicShaman, NFang_, DBCade 4:3 PS1
Any% kawaiithulu 16:9 PC
Any% Easy DBCade 16:9 GBA
World Of Light Mageuis 16:9 Nintendo Switch
All Target Tests CountGooby 16:9 PC
Time Patrols ElNacho97 16:9 PC
DLC Time Patrols ElNacho97 16:9 PC
Soul Chronicle chronosreturns 16:9 PC
Libra of Souls - NG chronosreturns 16:9 PC
Blaze - Easy - 1 handed cestpatou 4:3 PC
Sunday, April 26, 2020
Story Mode Easy cestpatou 4:3 Sega Genesis
Closing% speedgaming2 16:9 Staff

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