Speedyfists 5 Schedules

Speedyfists Returns to Twitch in a two-day fighting game action-packed speedrunning marathon. Join us for SpeedyFists V on September 25th and 26th.

Submissions close on August 18th 2021, Submissions before August 3rd, are given priority and have certain special announcements attached to them.

You can submit any Fighting game, like street fighter, king of fighters, shaq fu, etc to name a few, you can submit any action belt (side scrolling beat em up game) that has a fighting system, such as streets of rage, final fight, shaq fu a legend reborn, etc.

Please notice that games with copyright music songs (for example some Bandai bleach games, of Def Jam City, may not be accepted.)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any of the listed staff, or message on the listed twitter/discord. I have added a requirement for this marathon that you need to join the discord. This is so we can have smooth communication during the event. We have many Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German speakers in the discord as well.

Lets all have a great event, and smash




日時 9月25日(金)、9月26日(土)、9月27日(日)

開始時間 9月25日(金)22時00から


DBcadeとスタッフより From DBcade and Speedyfist staff.

Updated on July28th, 2021.