Speedyfists Autumn 2019 - Marathon

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TimeEstimateCategoryRunnerIncentivesSetup Run
Story Mode Any% Thomm
Any% Micsoul
All Stories Thomm
Subspace Emissary Any% Tech + Dragolina In-Game Tag
Boss Battles Pokemonmaster888
Adventure (Race) Pokemonmaster888 + CountGooby In-Game Tag
All Target Tests CountGooby
World Tour Any% (Dreamcast) IcKY Gokuentou Island Boss Rush, Ken Colour Bidwar
Arcade Krayzar
Tournament Mode Krayzar
Any% (With Cutscenes) PeteDorr
Saturday, October 19, 2019
World of Light maraboto95 Character Bidwar
Story Mode (Easy) CountGooby + DBCade
Single Mode DBCade Team Bidwar, Bonus Team Mode Run
Main Mode - Any% - NG+ DBCade, LeandroAmadeu, PandaBURRR
Arcade Mode (Normal) Federation VS. ZEON race PandaBURRR + BlueMetal
Storymode - Any% - Normal - 1 Round PandaBURRR
Time Attack Mrsancini
Arcade Any% Mrsancini
Team Play Mrsancini Play on Normal Difficulty
Quest% Thomm
1P Grand Prix Mileve Bonus Run: 1v100 Run
Showcase Mode Any% NinjazFTW64 + Vegayto
Stardust Super Battle, Single Wallyzorde
1P Game - 2 Rounds Wallyzorde
Sonic (Race) Ravel + CountGooby
Sonic (Blindfolded) Ravel
Any% NG+ El Nacho Female Majin Bidwar, Bonus: DLC Time Patrols Run
Sunday, October 20, 2019
Any% Sagat Show All Cutscenes, Kill Scorpion, Spare Sarenna
Any% Proto_Sonic
100% Very Easy santouryu3 Show Prove Yourself Finisher Move
Any% SgtPowerGlove
Any% Cestpatou + E.Man
Tournament Easy Cestpatou
Weapon Master Chronos, Seasoner13_2, Alexo
Story Mode Easy Cestpatou
Libra of Souls NG Chronos
Soul Chronicles Chronos
Chronicles of the Sword MSKain Name the Dancer/Main Character bidwar, Name the 4 Swordmasters bidwar, Battle Superboss Lvl 99 Ende (+5 min).

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