SpeedyFists - Spring 2019

Speedyfists IV

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerIncentivesBlockSetup Game
Story Mode: All Default Characters (1 Round) Shirdel
1 Loop SonyOne
Easy TanyaVsTheWorld
Arcade Mode UltimateTrainer Difficulty Boost from Safety to Risky (+4 Minutes) | Color Palette Bidwar, Glasses Bidwar
Classic Showcase Dragolina Bonus Run
Any% MindOfGaki
Western Title DJ Phatzo Wresling Block
Single Player Tournament FCJ2000
Arcade All Characters Alexo Blindfolded Arcade 1 Round Any% Run (+3 Minutes)
Default Tokko_Tomcat
Arcade - Level 8 DanEvilEye Fatal Fury Block
Beat the Game Sonicman2005 Sega Block Sonic Battle - Sonic's Story by CountGooby (30 Minutes)
Beat the Game Sonicman2005
Sonic CountGooby
Any% cestpatou
100% MoodySSBM
Bronto Brunt (Version 3.1) Race DBCade + CountGooby
Any% DBCade Character Name | Highest Donator during the run gets a Vegeta SSGSS Blue Card Gundam: The Battle Master Any% by DBCade (20 Minutes)
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Unlock All Characters Yesman419 Character Bidwar to Unlock Game and Watch with
Story Mode (with cutscenes) Maiguels BONUS: Neo Aquarium - The King of Crustaceans- - Story Mode by Maiguels (15 Minutes)
Soul Chronicle Chronos Arcade Easy Bonus Run (+8 Minutes) SoulCalibur Block Soul Blade - Arcade by Maiguels (15 Minutes)
Tales of Souls MSKain Night Terror Route | Xianghua Costume Bidwar
Story Mode (Normal Difficulty, Race) LeandroAmadeu + DBCade + PandaBURR
Low% Tob├╝r Ending Fighter Bidwar, Leathal League Glitch% Bonus Run
DB Showcase - All Objectives NinjazFTW64 + SSVegito Extra 10 Man Royal Rumble for Every $50 in Total Donations (Up to 20 minutes)
Any% Micsoul English vs. Japanese Voices Bidwar
Any% swc19
Joseph Joestar ChuvaPlays
Arcade marco_battousai
Stardust Super Battle, Single Wallyzorde
1P Game - 2 Rounds - 2 Stars Wallyzorde Anime Games Block
Arcade Mode Tokko_Tomcat
Any% DawnofDanny
Survival First To 15 Snorf Second Character Bidwar
Any% NG+ El_Nacho Frieza vs Female Majin Bidwar
Sunday, April 14, 2019
Any% WhoDis Dragon Master Robot (+40 Minutes)
Story Mode Any% - Moon QCCBigZam Bonus Run: Story Mode Any% - Mercury
Super Story Mode (Any%) ButterFinger1084
Season 1 Arcade Mode Mekarazium
Libra of Souls Meesbaker Defeat Lvl75 Inferno (+10 Minutes)
Tournament - Easy Maiguels Dead or Alive Block Dead or Alive 2 - Time Attack by Maiguels (12 Minutes)
Story Mode Maiguels
Story Outworld INCENTIVE Run: Dead or Alive: Ultimate - Story by Outworld (5 Minutes)
Arcade Mode fiko93 One Handed Run
Main Mode Any% NG+ PandaBURR Gundam Block
Arcade PandaBURR INCENTIVE RUN: Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam NEXT Plus Bonus Arcade Easy Run (10 Minutes) Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: AEUG vs. TITANS -AEUG East by PandaBURR (18 Minutes)
Brand New Quest Tyler2022 Bonus Arcade Mode Run | Bonus Battle Beach Run
Arcade Mode Krayzar Yeti Fight Blindfolded Darkstalkers Block
Arcade Mode Krayzar INCENTIVE RUN: Darkstalkers 3 - Arcade Mode by Krayzar (16 Minutes)
Klassic Tower NovaFortune Mortal Kombat Block Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero - Any% by Outworld (50 Minutes)
Any% Outworld BONUS: Mortal Kombat II - Glitch Exhibition by Outworld (12 Minutes)
1P Grand Prix Mileve Bonus 1v100 Run | Bonus Opponent Match Stage
Beat The Champion - Swordplay Duel (Race) Cmdr + GamingLand Max Level Run (+8 Minutes)
Boxing Pro Cmdr
Story Mode Easy (Race) CountGooby + Carnageraiser1 Play Cutscenes | Use Audio | INCENTIVE RUN: Street Fighter Alpha 2 - SNES (15 Minutes) Shaq Block
Story Mode Easy Carnageraiser1 Play Cutscenes
Any% BelthicGaming
Story Mode CountGooby
Adventure Mode (Race) Zojalyx + CountGooby In-Game Tag (4 characters) Super Smash Block Super Smash Bros - All Bonuses by CountGooby (20 Minutes)
Category Bidwar Thebestaro Any% Glitchless vs. Any% Genocide Category Bidwar
Any% Arkl1te
Arcade Comb711 Blindfolded Run (+10 Minutes)
World of Light (New Game, Normal Difficulty) Mageius In-Game Tag (10 characters) | Link vs. Little Mac Route Bidwar | Use series appropriate characters for bosses| Final Boss Party Member Bidwar | Use a single Joy-Con For Final Boss | Alternate Endings Showcase

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