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ScheduledEstimateRunnersCommentatorsTimezonesTime for People
Spyrothon Staff
Groxu ToastedKat CEST (UTC+2), ToastedKat EDT (UTC-4) 7pm, 1pm
Wally BST (UTC+1) 7:10pm
Lucia, Composer Wally CEST (UTC+2), PDT (UTC-7), Wally BST (UTC+1) 9:12pm, 12:12pm, 8:12pm
RDA CDT (UTC-5) 3:37pm
Laura, iBolt Sui, Wally BST (UTC+1), EDT (UTC-4), Sui PDT (UTC-7), Wally BST (UTC+1) 10:02pm, 5:02pm, 2:02pm, 10:02pm
Wally BST (UTC+1) 10:57pm
FirstMaple JoeM8 CDT (UTC-5), JoeM8 BST (UTC+1) 5:31pm, 11:31pm
Thrasher, absent, ghostlyTrickster, anne_chovy, kamek, waffle, aldeezy, SlashArbiter, Jeremy Dylan, Bluntbows, Rui Ranges from PDT (UTC-7) to NZST (UTC+12) ranges from 4:56pm to 11:56am
Sunday, September 26, 2021
Rui tooper BST (UTC+1), tooper EDT (UTC-4) 2:41am, 10:41pm
SirBorris ToastedKat AEST (UTC+10), Toasted EDT (UTC-4) 2:01pm, 12:01am
ToastedKat EDT (UTC-4) 1:16am
czausmouse Bluntbows PDT (UTC-7), AEST (UTC+10) 12:01am, 5:01pm
Bombercash Dact CEST (UTC+2), Dact AEST (UTC+10) 9:16am, 5:16pm
Groxu CEST (UTC+2) 12:46pm
DrHouse Groxu, Randy MSK (UTC+3), Groxu CEST (UTC+2), Randy ADT (UTC-3) 2:31pm, 1:31pm, 8:31am
Groxu CEST (UTC+2) 3:46pm
InsertLogic TBD BST (UTC+1) 3:41pm
Dan Davidson Charity Royall, Sui BST (UTC+1), Charity EDT (UTC-4), Sui PDT (UTC-7) 7:06pm, 2:06pm, 11:06am
Dereklander EDT (UTC-4) 3:26pm
Wally BST (UTC+1) 8:43pm
Fluddnozzles64 ChefGordonis PDT (UTC-7), Chef BST (UTC+1) 1:06pm, 9:06pm
Ebbe CEST (UTC+2) 10:24pm
tooper, RDA, CScottyW, FirstMaple, Lovebot, Breadghost, Mike Ranges from PDT (UTC-7) to BST (UTC+1) ranges from 2:09pm to 10:09pm
Monday, September 27, 2021
ToastedKat EDT (UTC-4) 9:34pm
Dylan? EDT (UTC-4) 10:34pm
Dayo, Hum, mrpop1, Jxzzas Sui, Dayo, Hum PDT (UTC-7), EDT (UTC-4), CDT (UTC-5), AUS (UTC+10), (Sui PDT UTC-7) 7:59pm, 10:59pm, 9:59pm, 12:59pm, 7:59pm
Spyrothon Staff

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