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ExploudYourEar Talking %
Soma_sr Any% No 0HP
ExploudYourEar Any%
seckswrecks Any %
PKM 5th GEN Crew Any%
ExploudYourEar Place Holder %
ExploudYourEar Plague of Shadows Any%
Sunday, April 28, 2019
Nerd_Squared Any%
astronomous One True Soma
davidtki Any%, Warpless (JP)
SDiezal 100% NMG
AEtienne Bug-Limit Any%
Soma_sr Any% Glitchless
MooMooAkai WiiU Any%
B34RGURZ All Stages
B34RGURZ Beat The Game
thebpg13 World Championship
karterfreak Any% No OOB
AEtienne Any%
Thebestaro Any%
AEtienne Any%
Monday, April 29, 2019
ExploudYourEar Specter of Torment Low%
davidtki Good Ending
davidtki 100%
MooMooAkai Any%
MooMooAkai Any% (Glitchless)
MooMooAkai New Game
MooMooAkai All Feast, All Bosses, 100%

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