Fall 2018

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Any% TheHypeMan
Boss Rush (NTA) ChurchNEOH
Any% Fricassee
Any% Warpless CountGooby
100% SacredTheGamer
Any% Jinno
Any% NMG Meddadog
Any% - Kamski Ending Game_Jesters
Pokey% MyOhMyke
Saturday, September 15, 2018
Any% MyOhMyke
Combination Randomizer Lenophis
Any% TheHypeMan
104% TAS Showcase Hubert0987
Free Enterprise Randomizer MyOhMyke
Any% RubberDuckyAssassin
Any% Lenophis
Any% Lenophis
Randomizer Chrisofthemount
Any% Normal Phio
Sunday, September 16, 2018
Any% XombiepunkTV
Any% Fricassee/Xerobladedge
Any% Xerobladedge
Any% Easy Xerobladedge
Zero Any% Xerobladedge
Snupster% AltimaMantoid
Any% (Good Ending) AltimaMantoid
Any% LinkaMeister
Bad Ending LinkaMeister
Story Easy CountGooby
Target Test All Characters CountGooby
Randomizer Lenophis/KP9000
All A's Hubert0987
Blue Line Midnight_Vesper
Any% Midnight_Vesper

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