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ScheduledEstimatePlatformRunner(s)Donation Incentives
N/A Paulie9990
GCN CriticalCyd
PC TheGreenViper8
PC Zaxon96
PC flying fox, Finalflame,Mathew10Wilson, Sonikkustar Soundtrack Bid War (US vs JP)
Genesis BigJon (Gamej06)
Genesis chronoon & AlecK47
PC Zaxon96, Argick
PC Raikou, Zaxon96 Knuckles & Knuckles ($125/$125)
PC TommyeAsY, Drakodan, Seraphim
GCN ford373
GCN AllegroSRC
GCN GreenDavideku
IRL emkateultra Saving Lives and Helping Hope Live
GCN Azurillkirby
GCN Mastakirby Sing all the Songs ($850+ Total in donations)
GBA kirbymastah (4 Character bidwar, Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles) Top now: Knuckles $22, Amy $20
GBA Combo
DS kirbymastah
GBA AllegroSRC Language Bid War (English vs Japanese)
DS AllegroSRC
Sunday, April 15, 2018
X360 JoshuaSalkeld Eggman Land Skipless Speedrun ($139/$139)
Wii aglab2
PC Kitoko
PC TommyeAsY
Wii flying fox
SMS kickasspancakes
SMS flying fox
Wii CriticalCyd
PC TommyeAsY Language Bid War (US vs JP)
X360 Nimputs
PC WanamakerN, ModifiedMonkee
PC WanamakerN
PC thebluemania
PC Frokenok, thebluemania Language bid war (English vs Japanese)
X360 LittleBigness
X360 Yish_ Watch The Best Cutscene ($150/$150)
X360 wikedawsom
SMS Finalflame
Genesis AlecK47
GBA kirbymastah
DS kirbymastah Character bid war (Sonic $20 vs Blaze $5)
Monday, April 16, 2018
DS kirbymastah
PC Zaxon96
PC mura Language bid war (English $0 vs Japanese $0)
PC Madtaz64 Soundtrack Bid War (US $75 vs JP $10)
GCN SilverSonic
GCN BlazinZzetti Choose your own Adventure (Poll on every path)
N/A Paulie9990
PC Paulie9990 Will only happen if total is $2000+

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