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All Stories FocusSight X360
Sonic & Tails - Good Ending Argick PC
Beat the Game Argick Genesis
Ray Xandre69 PC
Tails' Story NachoAutista PC
Team Chaotix CriticalCyd GCN
Beat the Game Phozon Genesis
Any% mura WiiU
Any% Dage4, Xandre69 GCN
Community% Ishmon PC
Saturday, March 28, 2020
Sleep% Paulie9990 Bed
Bingo TommyeAsY, drywalleater, Meltrs, Ethmar PC
Hero Story Drakodan PC
Marathon Mode CaveQuest PC
Tails: Beat the Game flyingfox Android
Tails: Good Future flyingfox PC
Race% Refrag, Dage, Lemin, Durkinsurance PC
Sonic Okamikaze SegaCD
Sonic's Story Niczur, Dage4 PC
Any% Sonic No Skips TheGreenViper8 PC
Any% TheGreenViper8 PC
Sonic: Beat the Game SuperSonic, AlecK47 Genesis
Security Hall x25 drywalleater PC
Any% Wingless ssanman PC
Sunday, March 29, 2020
Team Sonic sukimos PC
Sleep% Paulie9990 Bed
Sonic Ravel Arcade
Knuckles haty12345 Genesis
Knuckles - No Major Glitches Oldclov Genesis
Story Mode thebluemania Switch
All Team Races thebluemania PC
Any% thebluemania PC
Dark Story Dage4 PC
Best Ending VoiDTTV PC
Solo Sonic 100% CaptainCainer PS4
All Day Stages + DLC JoshuaSalkeld X360
Monday, March 30, 2020
Paulie% (1980s mode) Paulie9990 PC
Goodbye% Paulie9990 Twitch

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