Speed Stuff 4 Charity 7

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ScheduledEstimateGame TitleCategoryConsoleActual Run LengthAccepted IncentivesHost
Speed Stuff 4 Charity 7 Good Morning% PC 9:20 deathline
Run Saber Any% Co-op SNES 20:26 Realm
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Any% GCN 1:45:30 (DNF) Realm
Mega Man X2 Any% SNES 40:24 FocusSight
Mega Man X6 All Stages GCN 42:59 FocusSight
Mega Man X7 Any% (NG) PC 1:04:39 Realm
Mega Man 8 40 Bolts (Legacy Collection) PC 1:09:02 Change category to 40 Bolts (Legacy Collection) over Any% (+10 mins) --- Met!! FocusSight
Mighty Gunvolt Burst Any% - Normal - Call PC 35:09 nes
Spark The Electric Jester Fark's Story - Super Static PC 1:06:44 Lightoria Bay Showcase --- Met!! LaurieDBunnykins
LIMBO Normal Route PC 46:41 LaurieDBunnykins
Lost Kingdoms Any% GCN 39:22 LaurieDBunnykins
Kororinpa: Marble Mania All Normal Levels NG+ Wii 29:08 LaurieDBunnykins
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Any% GCN 2:25:16 zopney
Kid Icarus: Uprising Medusa Arc - NG+ 3DS 1:23:49 zopney
Speed Stuff 4 Charity 7 Setup Block PC 35:00 nes
Cuphead All Bosses v1.1 PC 35:16 nes
Shrek Smash N' Crash Racing Tournament GCN 43:25 nes
Saturday, September 05, 2020
Super Fancy Pants Adventure Any% NG+ PC 21:28 nes
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! All Cup Tour Wii 42:11 Realm
About Elise Any% PC 17:31 Realm
Bleed 2 Story New Game (Easy) Switch 23:58 FocusSight
Sonic Mania Mighty - Good Ending PC 57:08 Character Bidwar: Sonic + Tails vs. Tails vs. Knuckles vs. Mighty vs. Ray --- Mighty wins!! Realm
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) Silver's Story (No MSG) X360 45:29 Glitch Exhibition (+15 mins) --- Met!! Realm
Sonic Project 06 (Demo 3) All Gems/New Game+ PC 29:36 [Bonus Incentive] Play as Silver in Kingdom Valley --- Met!! Realm
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Sonic Any% Glitchless Genesis 1:01:03 Realm
I Wanna Be The Pendulum Any% PC 2:03:03 [Bonus Incentive] Penalty Area Showcase (+5 mins) --- Met!! FocusSight
Freedom Planet Carol Any% Bikeless PC TreyLina (1:03:18) - El_Nacho (1:05:07) Classic Mode (+7 mins) --- Met!! LaurieDBunnykins
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle All Stories All A Ranks PC 1:39:00 + 20:00 Glitch Exhibition Glitch Exhibition by piner (+15 mins) --- Met!! LaurieDBunnykins
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Beat The Game - Tails (Any%) PC 29:59 Helix
Sonic R 100% GCN 13:22 Helix
Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Any% PC 1:59 [BONUS RUN] --- $150 in total donations (Met!!) Helix
Luigi's Mansion 100% Wii 1:15:30 Helix
OFF Any% PC 1:14:22 Ride the Rollercoaster --- Met!! kalarse
Pony Island Any% PC 36:48 kalarse
Octopath Traveler Galdera PC 3:37:29 Voice Language Bidwar: English vs. Japanese --- Japanese wins!! LaurieDBunnykins
Octopath Traveler Golden Axe Switch 32:35 [BONUS RUN] --- $200 in total donations (Met!!) LaurieDBunnykins
World War Z All Main Episodes (Easy, 2P) PC 2:19:43 nes
Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise 1v1 Randomizer SNES Leonhart (2:04:20) vs. tybalt (2:10:00 - DNF) Zeromus Sprite Bidwar: Homebrew Silliness vs. Indie Creepiness deathline
Sunday, September 06, 2020
Blazing Chrome Arcade Mode (Normal) PC 25:15 Character Bidwar: Mavra vs. Doyle --- Mavra wins!! deathline
Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge Any% PC 57:02 Realm
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Championship% NG+ (Novice) PC 1:17:19 [WR] Realm
Super Mario 64 DancePad 70 Star N64 1:15:15 Input Display --- Met! Realm
Kirby's Epic Yarn Any% WiiU 1:35:07 Realm
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Meta Knightmare WiiUVC 40:54 piner
Backyard Skateboarding Any% (GOTY) PC 17:53 piner
Pom Gets Wi-Fi Any% Happy End PC 13:40 deathline
Undertale Neutral PC 57:44 deathline
Super Mario Sunshine 1v1 Lockout Bingo - Row Control Wii 58:13 (Rimato wins!) deathline
Pac 'n Roll Remix Any% Wii 23:24 LaurieDBunnykins
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Any% GCN 1:08:03 LaurieDBunnykins
Pringles All A's (100%) Genesis 4:07 (45s Scream Into the Void) [BONUS RUN] --- $275 in total donations (Met!!) LaurieDBunnykins
Pokémon Sword/Shield Any% (Shield) Switch 4:17:36 Excadrill Name (12 characters) kalarse
Pokémon Stadium Petit Cup R1 N64 32:43 Category Bidwar! Petit Cup R1 vs. Pika Cup R1 --- Petit Cup R1 wins!! Helix
Pokémon Red/Blue Any% Glitchless GB 1:59:46 Rival Name (7 characters) Helix
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD All Worlds PC 45:44 LaurieDBunnykins
Super Monkey Ball Master GCN Helix (19:26) - Zela (20:53) /// 3:44 (Advanced) Monkey Bidwar: Aiai vs. Meemee vs. Baby vs. Gongon /// [Bonus Incentive] Advanced Run by Helix (+6 mins) --- Met!! LaurieDBunnykins
Super Monkey Ball 2 Expert - Master Extra Wii 17:28 Monkey Bidwar: Aiai vs. Meemee vs. Baby vs. Gongon LaurieDBunnykins
Super Monkey Ball 2: Monkeyed Ball 2 Story Mode All Levels Wii 34:11 Helix
Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll All Worlds 3DS 45:40 Monkey Bidwar: Aiai vs. Meemee vs. Baby vs. Gongon Helix
Monday, September 07, 2020
Puyo Puyo Tetris Any% Switch 1:00:46 nes
TimeSplitters 2 Story (Easy) PS2 37:05 nes
Hinedere Beat Beat The Game (Version 1.8) PC 54:14 Realm
Yoku's Island Express Any% Inbounds PC 52:07 Ball Color Bidwar: Red vs. Skull vs. Rainbow vs. Gold vs. Ladybug --- Skull wins!! Realm
Yoku's Island Express Any% OoB PC 7:54 [BONUS RUN] --- $350 in total donations (Met!!) Realm
Vertiginous Golf Initiation PC 10:59 Realm
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 150cc Nitro Tracks (No Items) Switch 39:51 Realm
Super Mario Odyssey Any% (Arcade Stick) Switch 1:25:17 [Bonus Incentive] Mario Wears Peach's Dress --- Met!! FocusSight
Untitled Goose Game 100% PC 30:11 + 11:10 Glitch Exhibition Glitch Exhibition (+8 mins) --- Met!! FocusSight
Super Metroid Ascent 100% SNES 1:14:11 Animals: Save vs. Kill --- Kill wins!! FocusSight
Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue Any% GCN Linka (34:01) - Double (35:27) CosmykTheDolfyn
New Super Lucky's Tale Any% PC 1:06:06 (Time Attack) CosmykTheDolfyn
Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed All Tracks GBA 12:54 piner
Lenna's Inception Sacrifice Ending PC wolfman (42:14) - d2kemps (49:21) piner
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Any% DS 3:16:40 Filename (8 characters including special characters) piner
Wario Land 4 Normal Any% Zipless GBA 48:49 [Bonus Incentive] Play Wario Hop Minigame (+5 mins) --- Met!! LaurieDBunnykins
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Any% (Old Patch) PC 2:09:19 Ciri's Fate Bidwar: Kill vs. Become Witcher (+2 mins) --- Kill Ciri wins!! LaurieDBunnykins
QT Full Game PC 40:30 piner
No Delivery Any% PC 41:37 piner
Spyro The Dragon (Reignited) 80 Dragons PS4 47:00 Helix
Spyro The Dragon (Reignited) Any% PS4 7:41 [BONUS RUN] --- $450 in total donations (Met!!) Helix
Spyro: Year of the Dragon 100 Egg PSTV 54:59 Helix
Tuesday, September 08, 2020
Spyro 2: Season of Flame Any% GBP 28:42 No Fire Breath (+2 mins) --- Met!! /// [Bonus Incentive] Turn In-Game Music On --- Met!! /// [Bonus Bonus Incentive] Firefly% --- Met!! Helix
Speed Stuff 4 Charity 7 Good Night% PC 25:36 1st Marathon Goal: $500 (Met!) /// 2nd Marathon Goal: $1,000 (Met!!) /// 3rd Marathon Goal: $1,500 (Met!!!) /// 4th Marathon Goal: $2,000 (Met!!!!) /// 5th Marathon Goal: $2,697.05 (Met!!!!!) /// 6th Marathon Goal: $3,000 (Met!!!!!!) /// Total Raised: $3,390.70! deathline

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