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115 Star Drunkrazy Drunkrazy
40 Star Drunkrazy, AndrewSM64 Drunkrazy
121 Star Galaxtic Drunkrazy
132 Star Drunkrazy, AndrewSM64 Drunkrazy
41 Star Fokoro_, Spaceman64 InfiniteVoid316
Saturday, August 11, 2018
100% NSR InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
50 Star Scuttlebug_raiser InfiniteVoid316
66 Star Muimania InfiniteVoid316
50 Star Muimania Aglab2
130 Star SigotuSR Aglab2
Monday 5:10 UTC Aglab2
30 Star SigotuSR Aglab2
51 Star Katze789 Aglab2
80 Star Isometer Aglab2
25 Star SigotuSR Drunkrazy
25 Star Isometer Drunkrazy
Ultra Badge Rush Isometer Drunkrazy
100 Star Drunkrazy, Tomatobird8 Drunkrazy
61 Star SigotuSR, CalebSM64 Drunkrazy
70 Star TheGeeroid Drunkrazy
130 Star Spaceman64 InfiniteVoid316
97 Star InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
Sunday, August 12, 2018
170 Star InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
121 Star MarvJungs Aglab2
130 Star Theory TAS Reveal SigotuSR Aglab2
152 Star (1.1) StanSM64Addict Drunkrazy
Monday, August 13, 2018
Starlock Race CalebSM64, InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
60 Star Drunkrazy InfiniteVoid316
Bingo Race Fokoro_, InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
15 Star Aglab2, Isometer InfiniteVoid316
82 Star InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
TBD TBD InfiniteVoid316
120 Star Galaxtic Aglab2
120 Star StanSM64Addict Aglab2
16 Star Isometer Aglab2
130 Star Aglab2 Aglab2
70 Star AndrewSM64, Gian_97 InfiniteVoid316
Meme% Spaceman64, ArtismScrub, Arthurtilly, InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316

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