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90 Star Fiery_SR Reverser
30 Star Mushie64 Reverser
70 Star QuillsTTV Andrew
131 Star DNVIC Andrew
Luke Saward% Tournament Aglab2, Mushie64, Galaxtic, Prakxo, ImSilverYAY, MarvJungs, InfiniteVoid316, SomeBroYouDontKnow Andrew
80 Star Mushie64 Andrew
5-minute rounds StarrlightSims, AndrewSM64, ProdigySpeedruns, Naomi_Mugi, SomeBroYouDontKnow, Spaceman64, TheReverserOfTime, Benjamslikestrains Void
Any% Shimario_Streams Void
20 Star Gmd Void
100 Star SirSirSirSirSirSirSirSir Void
Friday, August 07, 2020
90 Star DJ Tala Void
Randomizer 100% TheReverserOfTime, Isometer Void
All Bosses Isometer Reverser
110 Star LinCrash Reverser
45 Star Power Fiery_SR Reverser
80 Star Isometer Reverser
35 Star Prakxo Andrew
50 Star KingToad74ExtremeEdition Andrew
100 Star Race Aglab2, KingToad74ExtremeEdition Andrew
30 Star Race ArtismScrub, Phanton404 Andrew
121 Star Race Muimania, KableNStuff Andrew
100 Star MarvJungs Void
Quiz Show Gmd, Icy Skid, SirSirSirSirSirSirSirSir, Spaceman64 Void
Saturday, August 08, 2020
168 Star Co-op AndrewSM64, LinCrash, Mopplopmopplop, Normal_ Void
25 Star AndrewSM64, KingToad74ExtremeEdition Void
216 Star Dackage_ Void
70 Star Katze789, Dackage_ Reverser
121 Star Race Galaxtic, Muimania Reverser
Task 35 Results AndrewSM64 Reverser
Any% Warpless SuperDavo0001 Reverser
Randomizer Team Race SomeBroYouDontKnow, Gian97, and Trueballer21 vs. Akuro, Thiran, and ShiKiT_SM64 Andrew
Quiz Show KingToad74ExtremeEdition, KazeSM64, Cheezepin Andrew
30 Star PlutoTheThing Andrew
31 Moons BigDero Void
95 Star Gmd Void
Quiz Show AndrewSM64, DNVIC, RetroReviver Void
Sunday, August 09, 2020
39 Star AndrewSM64 Void
75 Star ImSilverYAY Void
66 Star (1.2) InfiniteVoid316 Void
80 Star Dackage_ Void
70 Star Muimania Void
110 Star Race Galaxtic, TriforceTK Aglab
Blind Race Mushie64, Isometer, LocaMash, TheReverserOfTime Aglab
160 Star Co-op Katze789, LinCrash, Caasje, StarrlightSims Aglab
Blind Race Muimania, Gian_97, Spaceman64, StarrlightSims Andrew
100% TAS Focus_SR Andrew
20 Shines LinCrash Void
31 Star LinCrash Void

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