Southern Speedrunner Summit 5 Schedule

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Everyone - -
CTConqueror vs. Khanster786 Standard Mode (Race) SNES
Skybilz Any% (Warpless) NES
- -
Saturday, September 01, 2018
CTConqueror Any% PC
MrCab55 Arcade - Ninja - Hard PC
Xdragon Any% (Spirit Bow) PC
CTConqueror Any% (No MS) PC
halfcoordinated All Orbs PC
LRock617 Any% (Normal) PS3
- - -
authorblues Any% Gamecube
MrCab55 Any% Wii
LRock617 Easy% SNES
RetroBob_ 96 Exit SNES
darbian vs. MrCab55 vs. Skybilz All 4 Warpless (Race) SNES
Everyone Tournament SNES
Sunday, September 02, 2018
- - -
MyLittleWalrus Any% DS
halfcoordinated Any% (No FPS Abuse) PC
CTConqueror Any% NES
Roopert83 Warpless (Small Fire Mario) NES
- - -
authorblues Any% Genesis
Xdragon Any% GBA
Xdragon Any% (NMC) GBA
DangerousPamplemousse Any% SNES
Skybilz Level 1 Warpless SNES
LRock617 Any% SNES
Khanster786 24 Mavericks SNES
Khanster786 NG Switch
CTConqueror vs. LRock617 Any% (Race) NES
darbian Golf - 18 Holes Wii
- - -

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