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Présentation Micro Speech Twitch
Goldeneye 007 Any% agent 00 Run solo N64
Time splitters 2 Any % easy Run solo PlayStation 2
Hotline Miami NG+ All Levels Run solo PC
Beat Saber Showcase Run solo PC
Dark Souls 3 Any% No Tear Drop Run solo PC
Saturday, April 17, 2021
Diablo 2 : Lord of Destruction any% normal assassin softcore Run solo PC
Dreadout Any% True Ending Run solo PC
Trials of Mana Glitchless Beginner Run solo PC
A Hat In Time NMG Run solo PC
Blossom Tales Any% Swordbeam Run solo PC
Spyro Reignited Trilogy Spyro 2 Any% Run solo PC
Final Fantasy I Any% Run solo PSP
Crash Team Racing Reverse Boss Order Run Solo PlayStation
Ori and the Blind Forest All Cells No OOB/TA Run solo PC
Deltarune Any% Run solo PC
Cat quest Any% current patch Run solo PC
Trackmania (2020) TotD Fevrier 2021 Run solo PC
Supermarket Shriek All Stages Run solo Switch
Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Max. Casualties NMG Run solo PC
Haven Any% Solo - Good Ending Run solo PC
Celeste All Red Berries Run solo PC
Super Mario 64 70 Stars Course N64
Bowser's Fury Any% No Amiibo Run solo Switch
Sunday, April 18, 2021
Ghostrunner Any% Inbounds Run solo PC
Bloodborne kos% glitchless Run solo PlayStation 4
Little Nightmares II Any% Run solo PC
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana All Story Bosses Glitchless Run solo PC
The Witness All Lasers Run solo PC
Ninja Gaiden Black Any% Normal Run solo X360
QuackShot: Starring Donald Duck Any% Run solo Genesis
Broforce Arcade Mode Coop - Normal Course PC
The Pathless Nautilus% Run solo PlayStation 5
Outlast All Chapters% Run solo PC
Quake II Any% Run solo PC
Doom 3 Any% Run solo PC
Portal 2 No SLA Run solo PC
Super Mario Kart GP 150cc 2P All cups Run solo SNES
Super Meat Boy Forever Any% Random Seed Run solo PC
C'est la fin Salut mon pote% Speech Lit

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