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Ansprache - - -
Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System) Any% DE SMS
Lost Winds Any% DE PC
Rocket Knight Adventures Any% DE Genesis
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo! - Fukkatsu no Beldia Any% Normal DE PC Kohlkopfgeddon! Krieg den Kohlköpfen! (+2 min)
Halo 3 (Halo MCC) Any% DE
Mega Man 11 Any%, No OOB, Normal DE PC
Action Henk All Levels DE PC
Tetris: The Grandmaster 1,2,3 Showcase DE Arcade TAP Item Mode; TI Secret Grade (Versuche) (+10; 5 min)
Saturday, November 30, 2019
Return of the Tentacle Any% DE PC
The Lion King Any% easy ENG SNES
Super Castlevania IV Any% ENG SNES Filename (8 Buchstaben / characters)
Super Metroid Any% ENG SNES Kill or Save The Animals
Mega Man 1-6 (+ MM5 Race) 1-6 ENG NES
Super Metroid Randomizer DE SNES
Monster World IV Any% Debug Merchant ENG PS3
Contra III Alien Wars Low% Normal ENG SNES
Mega Man X2 Any% DE SNES
Tomb Raider Legend Any% DE PC
Super Mario Bros 3 Randomizer (Blind) DE NES
Limbo Normal Route DE PC
Legend of Zelda: ALttP Randomizer (Open mode) DE SNES Enemizer(Alle gegner sind auch random verteilt) (+20-30 min)
Mega Man X3 Low% Normal ENG SNES
Mega Man X 100% ENG SNES Poisoncurls: C3 (Chameleon 3rd) Phantom grab Route (+1 min)
Mega Man Zero All Missions ENG GBA
Super Mario 64 16 Stars ENG N64
Luigi's Mansion Any% No OOB ENG NGC
Sunday, December 01, 2019
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Any% ENG NES
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Any% No OOB ENG SNES
Crusader of Centy Any% ENG Genesis
Hook Beat the Game ENG SNES
Altered Beast Beat the Game (single player) ENG Genesis
Blaster Master Zero DLC Gunvolt ENG Switch
Ninja Gaiden Any% No OOB ENG NES
River City Ransom Novice ENG NES
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Any% No OOB ENG PC
The Legend of Zelda: MM Randomizer DE N64
Ace Combat 2 Any% DE PS2 Good Ending (+5 min)
Ultra Street Fighter 2 Arcade DE Switch Farbwahl / color choice
Resident Evil HD Remaster Randomizer DE PC Kostüme / costumes
Landstalker: The Treasure of King Nole Any% No large Skip ENG Genesis
Mega Man X4-X6 Catch Race any% ENG PS1&2
Tetris Attack VHard% One handed ENG SNES
Mega Man III Any% ENG GB
Tron Evolution Any% DE PC All Collectables (+3 min)
Monday, December 02, 2019
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