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ImTheLevelBest Any% NMG Jill PS2
toucansham Beat the Game Glitchless Genesis
shmumbler Any% MG+ Xbox One
tortadiego Any% SNES
Big Jon, StudentsOfGaming Talk%
davidtki US Glitchless NES
brisulph Hard SNES
myohmyke Course 1 PC
starwin Any% NES
rhaco_dactylus Any% PSP
supersonic71087 Easy Genesis
arisendead Any% SNES
Kiwami Any% - Normal - Call PC
Big Jon, OutrageousJosh Talk%
murcaz Any% GBA
kuumba_ Any% NES
lattmackey Expert TG-16
Sunday, June 14, 2020
theblacktastic Glitchless Randomizer PSX
royzoga Any% Easy PS4
Focus All Stories Xbox 360
LinkaMeister 100% GBA
starbird5 Any% SMS
juh0rse All Cutscenes PS
Big Jon, Words of Iceplug Talk%
roopert83 95 Exit (No Cape) SNES
faust4712 Expert KunaiLess Genesis
joeybaby69 Sonic - Beat the Game Genesis
rusyxx Any% PS2
glitchcat7 Any% Easy SNES
cygnusx406 Hardest SNES
Rox Any% GBA
BigJon, ImTheLevelBest Talk%
azmi1 any% N64
nes Main Worlds 3DS
marccost3 Any% NG+ (Rookie) PC
Kythol Any% PC
Monday, June 15, 2020
Lucha_Gym Any% NES
TapatioJ Any% Warpless NES
cypherin Normal Any% Genesis
doctorbobtastic Standard, Blackout Dungeons SNES

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