Smash The Record 2017

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Start TimeEstimateRunner(s)CategoryDonation IncentivePlatform
NobleTOFU Any% (No Amiibo) Glitch Exhibition NSW
Mr_Shasta Normal Any% Zipless Wario Hop Exhibition GBA
JTB Any% Glitchless PC
spikevegeta Any% SNES
Geoff Story Mode All Levels File Name (6 Character Limit) Wii
Friday, September 15, 2017
1davidj Time Attack All Staff Ghosts, Max Speed GCN
Grandpoobear 100% Super Dram World 2 Gets Played SNES
halqery Any% GEN
Dr4gonBlitz Zero Boss X360
Dr4gonBlitz Richter Any% X360
R3dninjaJosh Maria Any% SAT
peaches Any% PC
psychoripper Any% PC
Bobtastic Any% PC
Biglaw Any% Niobe PC
JTB New Game, Professional Mode PC
SNeaky 5 Years PC
swordsmankirby Solo Max or Goofy/Goofy Voice vs. Mickey Voice During Block SNES
R3DninjaJOSH Any% Goofy Voice vs. Mickey Voice During Block SNES
pidgezero_one Pajama% Choose Names SNES
FlipSide208 100% No Out of Bounds GB
Ari13576 Any% Fusion vs Power Suit GCN
SNeaky 100% - Easy PC
ESAM & RagingCherry Story Mode Race PC
calebhart42 100% Zero Watch Iris Cutscene PS1
CarcinogenSDA Any% Choose a Scenario (Leon A, Claire A, Leon B, or Claire B) GCN
360Chrism Any% Let It Rip GBA
psychoripper Any% PC
Vulajin & Trojandude12 All Skills No OoB No TA Race PC
Typo Home Run Contest Nair Only Falcon GCN
Saturday, September 16, 2017
SuperSonic71087 Warpless NES
SuperSonic71087 Warpless 8-4 FDS
Grandpoobear Warpless NES
peaches 16 Star (One Hand) N64
rubberduckyassassin Subspace Emissary Any% Save Peach or Zelda Wii
Biglaw Any% Beginner Blimp Mission PC
tekkie Any% UFO Ending X360
DeRockProject Any% PC
bjw Best Ending PC
R3DninjaJOSH Any% SAT
097Aceofspades Any Ability Twitch Integration PC
097Aceofspades Inbounds PC
Lovage Scriptless RTA (any%) PC
psychoripper Any% PC
Konasumi Any% Hat Bidwar PC
1davidj Air Ride All Tracks GCN
swordsmankirby 100% GBA
Mr_Shasta Any% Boss Endurance WIIU
RatchetMania NG+ Any% PSP
RatchetMania NG+ Warp% PSP
MunchaKoopas New Game+ All Bosses File Name (10 Character Limit) PC
sinister1 & duckfist Any% Hard Mode (Japanese) - Enemies Have Double HP NES
fastatcc Any% NES
almondcity Any% NES
360Chrism & Liquid`Chillin Any% Race Chrism Diss Track GCN
Shockwve & amyrlinn Any% - 2 Player Coop Face McShooty and Glitch Exhibition PC
Sunday, September 17, 2017
MunchaKoopas Any% Armor Color and Climbing Mini Game NSW
WinnerBit Any% 100% GBA
SHiFT Any% Glitch Exhibition XBOX
pidgezero_one 0-10 or 0-15 Category Bid War GB
DarkTerrex Any% NES
RantronBomb 100% All Dinos NES
Studio Speedrun Mode PC
Turbodog Any% 1P1C Juan vs Tostada PC
halqery Any% DS
OptimisticEmo All Cup Tour GCN
duckfist Any% NES
sinister1 Any% Blindfolded Mike Tyson NES
romscout Any% Bid War Between All 3 Games DS
bjw Any%, Freudia Pro Smasher Pronounciation Contest PC
IrregularJinny Any% Copen NSW
calebhart42 & Mike Haze 100% Calebhart Diss Track SNES
spikevegeta Critical Mode Kingdom Hearts 1 Boss Rush PS4

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