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Broadcast MUSICnGAMING Night 1 Start
NES Burst_Error ANY% Beat the Game
NES JimJamboory Beat the Game
SNES ZeeGee_ Hard%
Genesis TheCheeseball81 Beat the Game
SNES BeardStrength Time Trial PB Attempts
NES heartPrestige vs. NoHeadZeddvs. TheAmericanDweem vs. Muten_Pizza vs. BeardStrength vs, Zarc0nis K.O. Tourney
Game Gear Dante_849 Beat the Game
NES Zarc0nis Beat the Game
NES Zarc0nis Beat the Game
NES Zarc0nis Beat the Game
Genesis Faust4712 ANY% Beat the Game

Saturday, September 30, 2023
NES KumaKhan22 Beat the Game
Broadcast MUSICnGAMING Night 1 End
Body, Mind, & Soul Everyone Get Some Rest Can't sleep? Enjoy the playlist!
Broadcast MUSICnGAMING Night 2 Start
SNES Mappyman Beat the Game + Lore
PS1 Mappyman Drink Pepsi
PC Muten_Pizza & TakenCreations & MUSICnGAMING Character Creation + End game
SNES FunkyFuji Beat the Game
PC SheWolfVal War of the Gems Unrestricted
SNES OldSchoolMcfly Beat with Super Scope
Arcade KumaKhan22 Party Time!
SNES Ceris_Galstan Beat 1 Island (10 Levels)
NES ZeeGee_ Warpless, Beat the Game
SNES SomeoneStoleMyb00t Beat the Game
Various BeardStrength, StargateSGDood, Ceris_Galstan, KumaKhan22, SomeoneStoleMyb00t & ZeeGee_ Many Completions
Saturn StargateSGDood Beat the Game
Saturn StargateSGDood Beat the Game
NES Tetsuoooo vs. Rigs ANY% Best 2 out of 3 matches
SNES Tetsuoooo Good Ending
NES RocketSauna Warpless
NES knuckle_buster Swag Swag Swag
Sunday, October 01, 2023
Broadcast MUSICnGAMING Night 2 End. Event Over!

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