The Kessel Run: Episode V - The Speedrunner Strikes Back

In honor of Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you) StarWarsGamingTV is hosting the largest ever Star Wars themed speedrun marathon! Join us for lots of sabers, blasters, train puns and sand, lots and lots of sand.

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerRun Time
100% (Upgrades, Skips) acE (He/Him) 1:26:30
Any% RACE ERoadhouse (He/Him) vs Scynor (He/Him) vs Zac (He/Him) 2:36:50
Any% Alnak (He/Him) 0:33:02
Any% No StabLaunch (EB) Sajiki (He/Him) 0:32:02
Any% No StabLaunch RACE Jayden Owem (He/Him) vs MrLaay (He/Him) vs Your_Solution (He/Him) vs Zimcho (He/Him) 0:31:48
Any% RACE MrBenuto (He/Him) vs Cageking2 (He/Him) 1:52:32
Black Talon (Solo) Story Mode RACE Prudiirayshe_a (He/Him) vs Homiey (He/Him) 0:08:45
Free Play Tooad (He/Him) 1:10:46
Any% Lane (He/Him) 0:35:51
Any% Easy Utsu (She/Her) 1:46:06
Any% Aengus (He/Him) 0:19:01
Instant Action: All Maps Easy Dark_Phantom (He/Him) 1:11:07
Any% PS4 Victaulic (He/Him) 1:21:45
NG+ All Story/Free Missions BMac_Attack_64 (He/Him) vs NinjaFalcon2's Estimate 1:05:36
Sunday, May 02, 2021
Jedi Knight - Prologue - (Subscriber) TheZman1 (He/Him)
Any% BMac_Attack_64 (He/Him) 3:28:06
Any% (N64) BMac_Attack_64 (He/Him) 0:52:58
All Quests - Unrestricted R4NG3 (He/Him) 1:47:17
Beat the Game Davaek92 (He/Him) 0:50:03
Any% Any Vehicle BMac_Attack_64 (He/Him) 1:05:21
Any% Any Vehicle BMac_Attack_64 (He/Him) 0:45:38
100% Easy Dark_Phantom (He/Him) 1:34:40
Any% No Autoscroller Mod RACE Neveryear (He/Him) vs 1nstant (He/Him) 0:38:53
Easy Any% Indy (He/Him) 1:39:06
Any% Standard Ship, No Upgrade Dayman (He/Him) 0:41:34
Any% Zojalyx (He/Him) 1:14:47
Randomizer IndyKenobi (He/Him) 1:36:41

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