TCG-Marathon 2019 Part 1

Starts on

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New Game Conquest Ending marenthyu marenthyu
Sonic Only Glitchless% xristken marenthyu
NG+ Easy Any% xristken marenthyu
NG - Normal Tengunami dabomstew
Story Mode Tengunami dabomstew
NG True End dabomstew dabomstew
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Any% Auroraflow12 dabomstew
Any% Auroraflow12 dabomstew
Any% Auroraflow12 dabomstew
100% Items Ozdhaka zfreshpinoy
NG True End zfreshpinoy zfreshpinoy
Any% medakabox marenthyu
16 Star Chaos medakabox marenthyu
Any% endeavorgaming marenthyu
XBLA All 63 endeavorgaming marenthyu
100% flutter dabomstew
NG - Easy Vile God dabomstew dabomstew
Randomizer - Casual Difficulty inappropriatesanta dabomstew
Sunday, February 24, 2019
All Bosses + Vanessa Manor zfreshpinoy zfreshpinoy
Any% Full Story zfreshpinoy illayaya zfreshpinoy
Any% Retroid101 zfreshpinoy
Any% Jameike494 zfreshpinoy
dark brotherhood Daddycookie zfreshpinoy
Any% Easy Hexi123 zfreshpinoy
The Answer flutter dabomstew
Monday, February 25, 2019
NG - Any% zfreshpinoy

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