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rythin_sr PC Main Story 100%
AlbertHamik PC Any% (w/ safety save cheat)
NoobSalmon, ItsJabo PC All Bobbleheads
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Sadlybadlyy PC Any%
vb_speedruns DS No OOB
tpspeedrunning Ps4 Any% Beginner
Buffet_Time PC Dice Arcade Mode
Plastic_Rainbow PC Any%
sharif162 NES Any%
sharif162 Game Boy Any%
UnFantasmaMas PS2 (PS1 Disc) Any% PS1
teddyras, TheBoyks PC Any%
teddyras SNES Any%
NoobSalmon PC Beat The Game
NoobSalmon PC No OoB
mczolly92 PC Any%
JCRRiles Wii U Any%
TheBoyks PC Complete Three Challenges
PeekingBoo N64 DancePad 70 Star
DurWildchild PC PC - Any% (Free FPS)
AeonFrodo Nintendo Switch Octo Expansion - Any%
ZachSK N/A Stumping the Contestants%
Mekarazium PC Nero/Dante NG Devil Hunter
Friday, March 29, 2019
shedd_ Oculus Rift Any%
Silo_Simon Wii Any%
yoshikiller1092 Wii All Medals
AeonFrodo Nintendo Switch Traveler's Challenge
MattyPlaysSRL Sega Mega Drive Emulator Tails: Beat the Game
MooMooAkai PC Any% Normal No OoB
Nixxoman PC Any%
Dragolina Wii U 11 Exit
hoxiak PC Any% (No SSU)
disdonnplays NES Alucard %
pweasebullyme pc any%
RhinoG, Henpaku, Rockstomb PC Any%
altabiscuit Switch Single Story Bidwar
LookoutsGirl PC Any%
Silo_Simon N64 Mini-Game Island Any%
SuperViperT302 Nintendo Wii Any%
StrifeTheHistorian PC Main Quest Any%
CountGooby SNES Story Mode Easy
CountGooby Gamecube Any% (No OoB)
redcharge PC Any%
Plastic_Rainbow PC Any%
Hutchtee PS4 Any%
Jaxler1 Xbox 360 Any%
alexh0w PC any%
WinnerBit GBC Any%
WinnerBit GBC Any%
tbcr_ MS-DOS Any%
carbasi GB Beat The Game Normal Mode
Saturday, March 30, 2019
killingpepsi PC 100%
SmoothOperative PC Any% No Bug Jump
MrUppercaseT iOS Any%
Mattmatt10111 PS2 Any% NG+ RTA
lil_jinno PS4 Any% Hero Mode
TheBlacktastic PC Any% (Ultimate)
xelnas_sr Base PS4 HDD Any% Beginner
Christerious, rythin_sr PC No Text Storage
Meester_Tweester Web Any%

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