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European Extreme Jaguar_King Plywood
NG+ Hard IridescenceMGS Plywood
Life Any% ImRuKus Plywood
Very Hard Plywood_ Roy
Brand New Quest (Hard, Koji) Tyler2022 Roy
All Levels Plywood_ Roy
Bed ResidentSleeper
Saturday, May 04, 2019
Any% NikosStudios Pythonicus
Normal MiniOmegaKing Pythonicus
All Bosses Easy Tomma_16 vs Tromboncino vs Plywood_ Pythonicus
Claire B OneCoolMan vs SolidSpiderZnake Pythonicus
Any% SrgtSilent Plywood
Normal Dlimes13 vs Pythonicus vs IridescenceMGS vs PreciousRoy Plywood
Any% Extreme PC MetalGlennSolid Plywood
Co-Op First Ending MiniOmegaKing & Pythonicus Plywood
All Missions OneCoolMan Plywood
Infinity Mission - Hard Pythonicus vs MiniOmegaKing vs IridescenceMGS Plywood
Normal Aerlien vs BlueMetal Plywood
NG Normal Pythonicus Forensic
Sunday, May 05, 2019
Ending [A] BlueMetal Forensic
NG Easy Mode OneCoolMan Forensic
Knife Only ImRuKus Forensic
M Ending UnderwaterSmoking Roy
Very Easy IridescenceMGS Roy
NG The Boss Extreme Spartyy Roy
New Game Plywood_ Roy

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