The Fast Force 6

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TimeEstimateCategoryRunnerIncentives?Final Time
Cool Runs Soon™% Everyone
Any% - Normal - Call Kiwami
100% Gal 02 Kiwami
Any% GaryJGames
100% Linkameister
Any% Linkameister
Any% Nimputs
Any% Nimputs
All Cups (Skips) SuperViperT302
Category Bid War JCRRiles Nitro vs. Retro vs. Bonus Tracks
45 Star Power Conman
Story Mode nes_
Medusa Arc Abraxas_Angel
Episode 1 Any% Staff
Saturday, March 28, 2020
Any% TreyLina
Any% Shime
Easy Any% Shime
Boss - Prophet (Multi Client) Sniperwave
Challenge - Easy to Intense Razorflamekun
Any% No OoB tasselfoot
All Main Tasks tasselfoot Upgrade to 100%
All Stories All A-Ranks piner
All Bosses jkxwing
70 Star SuperViperT302
1 Star SuperViperT302 Bonus Run
Flipside Pit of 100 Trials ZachLink99
No Telejumping Conman
Career Any% (NG) fGeorjje
Episode 1-2 Any% benedictatorr
Any% benedictatorr Upgrade to All Pickups
Sunday, March 29, 2020
Episode 2 100% Staff
32 Tracks CmdrYT
All Stages 1P GhostSenpai
Any% No Item Glitch Ghost Senpai Run with Sound FX
Any% DSi Solo golderzoa
Any% golderzoa
Any% GaryJGames
Any% GaryJGames Bonus Run
All Worlds nes_ Monkey Choice Bidwar
Reverse Boss Order astronumous
Any% freyasspirit
100% Nimputs
Sonic Story Nimputs Upgrade to All Stories
Charity% Everyone

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