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Crrool, SmurfySR, MrMeanMoustache
MrMeanMoustache 45 Star
ShadowFrost Any%
SmurfySR All Cups (Skips)
MrMeanMoustache 120 Stars
ShadowFrost Any%
Boxmeister 100%
Crrool Heading out 99 RMS Easy
Xita Gym Leader Castle Round 1
Saturday, May 12, 2018
SmurfySR Catch Em All
Swaph Any% 2g1c
Crrool, Snorms Randomized race to Lance
mghtymth Any%
Rasschla Any%
Crrool Standard mode Randomizer
JuegAriel Any%
JuegAriel Easy
Crrool Any% NMG (US)
Rasschla Beat the Game
Sunday, May 13, 2018
Rasschla Any%
Rasschla 100%
Paulister Any%
Paulister Any% No Level Skip + Bonus
SmurfySR Any% (360)
SmurfySR Match Race (Expert)
Crrool Full Game Any%
Crrool Boogey%
Crrool Any%
Crrool Beat the Game
RDVvsTheWorld Minigame Island Any%
Crrool Genocide ending
RDVvsTheWorld Any%
Xita Any%(No MMS)
Boxmeister Any% GBA
Crrool, SmurfySR, MrMeanMoustache

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