Cartoon Roundup 2023

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MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Night 1 Start
Mappyman NES ANY%
Mappyman GBA Beat the Game
ceris_galstan SNES Beat the Game
insomniatics Genesis ANY% Normal Difficulty
Svipur vs. insomniatics vs. ceris_galstan vs. SomeoneStoleMyb00t vs. ZeeGee_ Genesis Best of 3, ANY%
ZeeGee_ Genesis ANY% Normal Difficulty
KumaKhan22 SNES Exhibition Matches w/ Daffy & Marvin -or- Donation Incentive lets chat choose pairing
evilelfo vs. KungFusedMike vs. Skunky48 vs. Stuff_is_stuff NES Three races, points system
JoePulito GB Castle%
Mr_Fabled_ NES ANY%
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Night 1 End
Saturday, December 30, 2023
Everyone Get Some Rest Body, Mind, & Soul Can't Sleep? Enjoy the playlist!
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Night 2 Start
MUSICnGAMING Genesis Beat the Game
LuckyYump NES ANY%
SomeoneStoleMyb00t NES Beat the Game 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance
PinkRose_Yunie_Rena SNES Casual Breezethrough
KumaKhan22 NES ANY% = MAYBE%
ZeeGee_ Genesis Donald Route
ZeeGee_ Genesis Beat the Game
ZeeGee_ Genesis ANY% Easy Difficulty
Estacaco SMS Beat the Game
Estacaco Genesis Beat the Game
Tetsuoooo SNES Beat the Game
Tetsuoooo SNES ANY% 8 Pages
SheWolfVal Steam Chat chooses character, 1cc Speedrun
DoritosBreath vs. ProfessorRetro NES Game A - 1 Loop
KumaKhan22 GB ANY%
FloydMason PS1 ANY%
junkyard_dave vs. knuckle_buster vs. MUTEN_PIZZA vs. ZeeGee_ NES ANY%
MUTEN_PIZZA, KumaKhan22, MUSICnGAMING, & Arcade ANY% 4 player Co-op
FloydMason Arcade Attempt to Beat the Game
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Night 2 End. Event Over. Happy New Year!

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