Tokachi RTA Festival 2023

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Grand Prix N64 01:00:00 Zeroken
Original Japanese Any% PS 01:20:00 ハマン
90exit,Small Only SFC 02:00:00 みそすーぷ
ALLCHAPTER Normal Mode eny% Switch 01:05:00 るちあ
なんでもあり% FC 00:15:00 貧弱
[A] Normal PC 01:30:00 Chien
Racing+ S3 PC 01:30:00 sisuka
Sunday, March 19, 2023
NG True Ending - EASY PC 00:55:00 ことんび
Any% (Unrestricted) PC 01:20:00 DEVILMAN
Any% PC 01:30:00 どすこいフラペチーノ
All Cups N64 00:40:00 ユタポン
1 Route PS2 00:20:00 ものさんど
Any% 1P SFC 00:35:00 yaoyorozu
Any% No Exit Glitch SFC 00:45:00 リヒト
Any% No CW GC 00:45:00 ロビン

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