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izzynoodles 100% (All Secrets) PC
erackk Any% PC
TombExplorer NLNMAS PC
Footi Any% Glitchless PC
dj_full, Footi Any% Glitchless Race PC
dragonka3n 100% Glitchless PC
genesisprobestream Any% PC
stevetvonline Any% NES
genesisprobestream 100% Glitched PC
Sunday, May 17, 2020
Pikkufighter Any% Glitchless (All DLC) PC
Tech Crew AWS% PC
TombExplorer NMAS PC
izzynoodles Any% Blind PC
Pikkufighter Glitchless PC
Japiapian, Beckski93 Any% Race PC
ExpressLemming Casual Any% PSX
dragonka3n Glitchless PC
The_FallenUltima Any% Xbox One
genesisprobestream Any% Glitchless PC
MariChan_Gaming Casual Any% w/ Tombs PC
Monday, May 18, 2020
Pikkufighter Any% PC
izzynoodles Any% Blind PC
MariChan_Gaming Blind Tombs% PC

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