The event starts on Munbe-chan's channel and then hops from one player's channel to the next according to the schedule below.

You can find additional information about the event here (in Japanese only).


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All dates and times are given in Asia/Tokyo timezone (UTC+09:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimateGameDescription / GoalChannel
Preparation Player introduction Twitch
Dodonpachi Saidaioujou (Xbox360) ALL-Hibachi, B-S (18 bil if possible) Twitch
Dangun Feveron ALL (Uotaro) Twitch
exception Future mode, score attack (2 mil), increase sales Twitch
Blue Revolver Parallel mode, ALL + score attack (125 mil), increase sales Twitch
Battle Garegga Silver Sword, score attack (16 mil) Twitch
Raycrisis (Arcade) ALL, 3-4 attempts changing settings (usually rank) Twitch
Deathsmiles Mega Black Label Meeting the TLB (with restarts) Twitch
Sunday, July 26, 2020
Recap & Preview Wrap up of today's runs, introduction of tomorrow's players Twitch
- - -
Preparation Player introduction Twitch
Neko Navy Death mode, score attack (9.2 bil) Twitch
Phantasmagoria Trues Advanced zone, ALL with unseen areas (score attack if possible) Twitch
Touhou 13 ~ Ten Desires Hard (Youmu), score attack (4 bil) Twitch
Progear no Arashi 2-ALL (1-ALL NMNB, successful train milk) Twitch
Ketsui (PS4) All modes, casual play Twitch
Mushihime-sama ALL (Ultra mode, default settings, W-Mode, rapid shot) Twitch
Mushihime-sama Futari ALL (Ultra mode, Abnormal Palm, extend every 80 mil) Twitch
Recap Wrap up of today's runs, thoughts about the event Twitch

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