11 - 7 - 2021

Ultramania Fall Relay

Starts on

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N/A N/A https://twitch.tv/gusyphus2 Get hype
RGH Xbox 360 w/ practice patch gus https://twitch.tv/gusyphus2 Ultra Mode +2 Lives Score Attack (Ab Palm)
RGH Xbox 360 w/ practice patch LinieEber https://twitch.tv/linieeber Maniac Mode Score Attack (N Reco)
blueMSX w/ Turbo Fix patch CPS https://twitch.tv/copypastercps 1-All
PS4 Refkey https://twitch.tv/refkey_gradius 1-All (autofire) (Type B)
MAME rs9 https://twitch.tv/rs9_stg 1-All (autofire) (Type D)
Steam InfireX https://twitch.tv/infirex Demonic Mode 100m TLB 1cc (Eryth)
Steam Alva https://twitch.tv/alvalynsis Super Gauntlet Judgment Difficulty 15m 1cc (Treason)
Windows Store + Steam EC + Rezardi https://twitch.tv/rezardi Hard Mode Score Attack Duel (Ece vs. Sonay)
Steam Silver Star https://twitch.tv/silverstarstg 2-All (A-P)
PC Luna https://twitch.tv/lunaticluna0 Easy Mode 3b
MAME + mGBA via Retro Arch Golden https://twitch.tv/oroalisa Gunbird 2 1-All (Marion) + Gradius Galaxies (Type D) Loop 2 Clear (2-1 start)
MAME SynthRicardo https://twitch.tv/synthricardo 1m 2-All+ (autofire)

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